With my heartfelt gratitude and pure delight I would like to present

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With my heartfelt gratitude and pure delight, I would like to present myself through thisintent. I am, Jann Carlo Luigi R. Naz, a permanent resident of Obando, Bulacan, Philippines. Ihave finished my Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Manila Tytana Colleges (Formerly ManilaDoctors College).I was born to Mr. Teofines V. Naz and Evelyn R. Naz on 19th of December 1987. Mystrength is that I am a hardworking, diligent, fast learner as well as flexible in differentsituations. I believe Australian Learning Group is the best platform for my further study, and Iam pleased to get offered a place for Certificate III in Individual support (Ageing) andCertificate IV in Ageing furthering to Diploma/Bachelors in Nursing, courses initiating from 4th ofOctober 2019, in Melbourne city, Australia.I was originated from a small but happy family with 2 brothers. I was raised in a typicalupper middle-class Filipino home where one of the parents is working overseas in order toprovide and offer the needs of the family. Since childhood we were oriented to the fact that mymother was not always around since she was working as a private duty nurse/carer inCalifornia, United States of America. Our parents assured us that we understood why ourmother had to leave for work even though that it is not comfortable for us not growing up withour mother around.This has somehow, one way or another, has marked a desire in our heartsand minds that we should also find an opportunity to build ourselves and find work somewhereelse to earn a better living situation. Out of the 3 children, I was the first to work abroad. Myolder brother who is working as a professional car dealer and my younger brother were left atthe Philippines. With the guidance of our grandparents, even though my parents were notaround ,I believe that we were given proper guidance as we grew up, we were thought thatwhatever we do in our lives we should always put our 100% into it