With the advancement of time and the development of science community

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  With the advancement of time and the development of science, community has new thinking and different vision in many aspects of life, including the comparison and balance between men and women. Women have become more equal to men in many aspects of life, and more than that they compete in some areas and maybe are required in some special cases .I will talk about my opinion in the equality between men and women and doing any job they like.

First of all, women have become equal to men and can work and compete with them because they became equal in the practical and scientifically side, in most societies we can whiteness both men and women in schools and universities .science is no longer restricted to men, and women are able to study the most difficult science fields, and therefore they are prepared to work in difficult circumstances according to their study and educational attainment.

Secondly women have become required in the labor market, just like men, because society has begun to demand moderation .Now many jobs women are able and with higher efficiency to perform them than men, for example to work as a teacher in kindergarten or being a nurse for elderly because such jobs require a high level of emotional awareness that lies in the innate nature of women.

On the other hand, many see that women is not equal to men and therefor there are many jobs that are not suitable for women, because men may differ from women in many aspects, such as physical ability, and therefor they may be able to carry out tasks that require high physical exertion and also they have higher focus than women, because women has multiple tasks while men does one job with double focus.

At the end in my opinion I think there is equality between men and women in different aspects of life, because women are equal to men in the educational attainment and because they can be more able to accommodate more human cases due to their high psychological awareness, others think that women and men are not equal because men is distinguished by a higher physical ability and a higher concentration.