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One of the memorable moments in the 1920s happened in August 26, 1910. The United States passed the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. Women contribution during the WWI, by taking over the medical field such as nurses and working into factories and other employment when men went to fight for the country. Women felt wronged and in exchange of it, they wanted more than what society was giving them. As a result of their fighting, they started to get into politically, creating a suffrage movement demanding for their rights. After the government discussing and analyzing the situation, Congress passed the 19th amendment and sent it to the State’s ratification. This event impacted the whole country and allowed women to have more opportunities and to not be seen as a domestic object. Adding that his event also opened the door to feminism by making women to feel more valuable and dependent.Question: 2 From my impression, the Great Depression was a tense economic catastrophe that happened around the world. It started between 1929 through the late 1930s, during the period in which other countries in Europe were already suffering from it, as a consequence of their debts from WWI. However, the United States stock market collapse due to overdue of materials, letting the U.S economy go bankrupt, leaving a high unemployment rate in the country as well as importation. After this event, Germany was ruled by Hitler and it became the top political country by having access to conquered other countries reason why the U.S joined WWII. A new deal was the innovation to Washington that president Roosevelt promised to bring. However, according to the American textbook, President Roosevelt called it “a new deal from the American people” (Richland History Textbook). The president’s plan was to save the country’s economy and take it out from Great depression, his idea on the alphabet agencies helped to create a federal forming part of Roosevelt new deal of recovery and reform.Question: 3 The United State involvement in WWII, was at first undecided since Roosevelt wanted the country to go neutral as they did when WWI began. Therefore, the government couldn’t stand still and watch all the mess that Germany was causing in Europe such as invading and conquering other countries, and not allowing them to have a choice to democracy as the invasion of Poland, Belgium, and France; that event made Hitler’s government become unstoppable. In the other hand, the pearl Harbor played a significant and important role in the united states decision to join the war since Japan wanted to conquer the U.S Pacific, but in order to obtain it, Japan had to destroy the naval fleet that was situated at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Therefore, by Japan attacking Pearl Harbor, the United State declared war against Japan.Question: 4 One of the main reasons why the United States get involved in WWII was because of the Pearl Harbor invasion by Japan. During the war, the powers got divided by allied which was United Kingdom, France, Soviet Union, and the United States, all of the against Germany, Japan, and Italy; adding that, among them, the U.S was in conflict with Germany since Hitler wanted to conquer Europe countries. One of the reasons the United State couldn’t take Hitler government anymore was because of his plan called “Financial Solution,” which lead to the execution of almost six million Jewish. Therefore, the war ended drastically but not in a way since the U.S sent an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in hoping to end WWII.Question: 5 After WWII, the United State became more productive than any other country and was economically stable while the Soviet Union was trying to recover from war, they were depending on the sources of eastern European bloc for raw material. The Soviet Union wanted to expand its communist government, and the United State their democracy. As a result, the world ended up divided into two types of government which were the totalitarian (which was governed by Hitler and China), and the free world by the United State and Britain as well. According to the film, “the cold war was ideological capitalism and authoritarian socialism or communism.” One of the main tensions of the cold war was the Korean war because the Soviet Union was trying to take over the country. Therefore, the United State fought on behalf of South Korea since North Korea declared themselves communist, and the Korean war ended by setting South Korean free. Another event that happened during the cold war was the Vietnam war, which was a conflict between the north (who was ruled by communism) and the South who was with the U.S. during that war, more than three million people were killed. After seeing that many losses, Americans started an anti-war movement. The united states believed that the war wasn’t their problem, so they decided to do not go to the war because it would be a mistake, but after many dead loves, America signed peace with Vietnam, not as Victorians but as an honorable government who defended democracy. Question: 6 During President Truman leadership, his main goal was to stop the Soviet Union from getting expanded all over the world, reason why his administration came with the Marshall plan which was focused on America helping west Europe to recover from WWII, while president Eisenhower believed that the cold war was getting out of control and he wanted the Korean war to end; Consequently, he came with a strategy saying that the United State would be using nuclear weapons in Korea to bring the war to the end as a warning to scare China and North Korea. Truman and Eisenhower had similarity ideas about warning the end of the war, even though their way of ruling the government was different. For example, Eisenhower taught that the cold war will bring bankruptcy to the country, so he introduced his new defense called the “New Look” which was more about the United State investigating and depending on nuclear weapons and covert operations by building a stronger country.Question: 7 As Regan won the cold war, he started to make some changes in the government administration; however, according to the textbook, “ he brought an economic plan that was based in lowering tax” (Richland U.S History Textbook), and also suggested that the more money people have, the more they will spend and invest. Since President Bush was Reagan’s vice president, it was easy for him to win the Republican nomination in 1988; One of his contributions was winning the first Gulf War which started because Iraqi’s forces attacked the nation of Kuwait, which made president Bush to destroy sad dam’s forces and capturing Baghdad. On the other hand, president Clinton succeeds on matters like abortion rights, family leave, gun control and financial aid for college. In political contributions such as get a congress to pass a plan with a goal to increase tax and cut expending. One of the contributions of the American during 1990s present is the globalization because of its political, technological, and economic exchanges between people and nations that helped the world into a better place. Continuously, some of the present Bush challenged was the implement of an expansive tax reform program which redefined tax codes and provided for a large tax rebate, and he also introduced the social security system. However, he had a big loss which was the 922 even that many Americans lost their lives and families. President Obama created the Obama care which was an affordable health insurance system for the patient and the ability for the dreamers to study and the opportunity to educate themselves in the U.S. However, I believe that one of his biggest success during his leadership was the fact that he focused his Candidacy more in diplomacy. In other words, getting the United State together and helping other countries as always happened with the previous presidents, and to spread democracy and freedom.