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Essay: Process AnalysisWhen I decided to go back to school, online classes were the first option I considered. Living a hectic life with a full-time job, family responsibilities and domestic’s chores, traditional classes were not an option for me. I work forty hours a week from Monday to Friday as a school nurse. The central part of my job is to monitor the diabetic students, take care of prescribed medication during school hours, and respond to certain minor emergencies like nose bleeding, sudden seizures, fever, and an accidental small cut. My wife works night’s shift, so I spend more time with my son, babysitting, helping with homework and other social activities. I am an active member at church in music ministry and volunteer in a charity program. With so many responsibilities distance education was the best option. Online classes can sound so ideal that student initiates the process with fanciful vision while in fact; it required the same effort as traditional classes sometimes more. To succeed in the courses, a student needs to be persistent, self-motivated, have a good organization with productive time management and a quiet, consistent study environment.Persistence is vital to succeed in online courses. Student persistence referred to the commitment to complete a course or program study. The online learner needs to be self-motivated and willing to tolerate and overcome academic challenges. During my first weeks of taking English composition online, it was difficult for me to complete the assignments. After contacted the teacher for assistance I began to work daily on every chapter, follow the study guide and use additional resources. After the online webinar, I had a better understanding of the writing process. I support the guidelines and complete the prewriting process exam. The exam was not perfect, but I earned a passing grade and could move to the next level. When I face a challenge, I learned to seek help and use resources available. Student’s persistence in technical difficulty is essential when pursuing a goal; it’s necessary to ask for help and try progress daily. Self-motivation is critical because as an online student it’s easy to get lazy without a face-to-face professor who reminds about upcoming test and assignments deadline. The eagerness to succeed in online studies most come from inside.Excellent organization and productive time management reduce stress and promote success. Most of the student who drop out online classes report being overwhelming with assignments, unable to balance studies and professional life. It’s complicated to create time when dealing with financial need and familial responsibilities. The reason most student opts for online learning is to keep their jobs and being present for their family while pursuing a degree. Conciliate studies, and financial needs are not natural, the dedicated student understands certain measure must be taken to succeed. The way to overcome the stress related to classwork is to organize and manage time appropriately. Like traditional classes, set a regular schedule and stick to it, establish a time frame to complete lecture and assignments, if running behind create some extra time like during the weekend. It’s important to follow a work calendar; this will allow being more objective and productive in the task. Always considered complete an assignment before starting a new one, unfinished work creates confusion and skips from moving forward. For instance, with English composition online class, it’s important to read, understand the lessons and apply the knowledge through writing. Because I was poorly organizing, I took lots of time to complete one chapter. For the assignments I needed to go back and read again to be able to do the duties, I started being very nervous when I realized I’m wasting time; so I committed myself to a structured schedule and used the study guide to organize my study. The result worth it after one week progressed more than I did in the four previous weeks. Weak organization affects abilities to save and retrieve information for learning, and it changes the way data is handling. For an online student, success depends on the way they organized themselves. Mainly if working full time and caring for family and personal responsibilities, structured scheduled, classified materials and solid support can ease the process and help to succeed.Quiet, consistent study environment ease concentration and help save time. One aspect traditional course has in common with online classes; the student still needs a quiet environment to complete classwork. Create a designated space of peace; promote focus and help to succeed. Online learners are mostly independent; this required them more concentration than campus student because there is no teacher in place to assist them. Sometimes it is not easy to focus on classwork at home mostly if dealing with young kids. The technique is to find a place in the house; it could be in a room, garage, and peaceful corner and claim it as a study place. This place must be away from distraction such as television, family, or roommates. To avoid interruption from social network consider installing some software on the computer to block an upcoming blog. Also, turn off the cell phone and let family and the hours you are not available. Discuss the choice with the family and explain the importance to complete classwork. In my case, I choose a room because it is independent of the rest of the house and I set up a desk and couples shelves for books and paper. I gathered everything I need for classwork; books materials, computer, and internet connection, and headphone for a live session. This technique helps me to stay organized with less distraction and also boost my productivity. Studying in a quiet area helps to concentrate, and can assist in achieving an academic goal more efficiently and within a short period.Online courses are pragmatic, beneficial, and a more rational choice for many students. However; it’s essential for the student to know how to succeed. A student needs self-motivation, responsibility, maturity and hard work to prevail over challenges. Without schedule class and face-to-face teacher to remind about the assignment, good organization, and productive time management is crucial. Focus entirely on classwork recommended a quiet and consistent study environment. By using appropriate learning strategies, an online student can enhance academically and achieve his goal.