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This book is about a 17 year old girl with cystic fibrosis. She meets a man named Will in the NICU( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). They both have cystic fibrosis, which means they cannot get closer than 6 feet from each other. They do not like each other and they argue often. Stella and Will talked about how Will is not following his regimen and he is not taking his medicine so he might die soon. Stella helps organize his medicine cart. Stella facetimes him whenever it’s time to take medicine so that she makes sure that he is actually taking his medicine. They go on a first date together at the hospital pool. They talk to each other for a while then I started to slowly like each other more and more. Stell and Will got into a conversation about their scars and first Stella stripped and then Will strip to show their scars.They got out of the pool area and Stella talked about how cystic fibrosis has taken so much from her but she doesn’t want cystic fibrosis so she steals an extra foot and Will and her are now always five feet apart.It got to be Will’s birthday and Will’sfriends had a party to celebrate in the cafeteria. Meanwhile the nurses are catching on to Stella and Will’s relationship, and makes the decision to transfer Will to another hospital in hopes of protecting both of them. As they are about to submit the transfer note, they got an alert from Poe’s room ( Stella and Will’s best friend). The nurses Rush to find him out in his hospital rooms floor.The nurses give CPR to Poe hoping that he will survive, but then he never wakes up. Stella and Will are quick to find out what happened. Stella is in tears because she never got to hug him because he has cystic fibrosis too. Stella and Will go outside where they’re not supposed to be and they walked to a lake to wait for all the Christmas lights to turn on. Stella thought it was a good idea for them to play on the ice. Stella’s phone kept on buzzing and she ignored it at first but then she looked down at it and it was from her mom and dad and her doctors telling her to get to the hospital now because new lungs were there and new lungs don’t have a long shelf life. Stella rejects the offer because if she gets new lungs she cannot be with Will anymore because he can give her a disease. She does not tell Will she just keeps on ice skating with him then finally Will looks down at Stella’s phone and he sees that he has a bunch of text messages saying new lungs. Will tells her to go to the hospital now but Stella rejects him. Stella fell off the bridge and she fell into the water and Will immediately goes over to where she fell in and tries to grab her after a few tries he does. He pulls her out of the water and starts giving her CPR. Which can cause her to get the disease that Will has.Stella rushes back to the hospital and finds out that she did not get the disease from well in that she’s all clear for lung surgery. When Stella wakes up from her surgery, she sees will through the glass of her room. He tells her that he only has a month to live, and he does not want her to have to go through is death like all the other death she went through. He tells her goodbye and doesn’t know what is to come in terms of him and her. Before he goes he makes her clothes her eyes, because she said he wanted to be able to leave if she was looking at him. She closes her eyes and he walks away.