Yesterday I looked up my house on Google StreetI wish I didn’t

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Yesterday, I looked up my house on Google StreetI wish I didn’t The Google maps showed us are little house perfectly. The flower pots hanging outside the outside kitchen window. The wooden muskoka chair with are favourite pillow on it. The splat of red pain on the steps from when I painted the desk. But….. There were two people standing on the porch. Two people who I haven’t seen before. I know their faces were blurred out from Google maps but I knew it could not be us – were white and they were indians. “ Who are those people” my brother, Billy asked. “ I have no idea Billy” I leaned into the computer screen trying to look at the pixels. I was thinking maybe it could of been one of my friends from school? But I knew that couldn’t be true. They looked like adults: The man and the woman were both wearing Black and gray suits. I don’t know any 15 year old that dresses like they work downtown collingwood. “ Maybe it’s an old picture” I said, “ Maybe they’re the old owners.” This did not seem write at all. First of all, the text in the corner reads “ Street View – 2019.” Second, they didn’t seem like they were relaxing at their home. The woman was standing at the corner of the porch. It looked like to me she had all her weight on one hip and her arms crossed over her chest. Now for the man; he was standing naturally straight as if he posing for the photo, his hands were in his deep pocket. “ Maybe it was photoshopped.” I turned to look at him. “ Really, Billy” He shrugged his shoulders. “ I do not know. Maybe it was photoshopped on purpose to scare us and make a movie.” “ You really think think Google would let someone mess with their photos?” He shrugged again. “ All those big companies, and organization, and celebrities are super rich. Like Hillary Clinton. She’s been doing satanic rituals for years.I cut him off, “ I see.. One of your stupid reasons again..” Sometimes I really think the hospital messed up with his brain a few years ago. Don’t worry we will heal you up little baby. Let’s just load up some crazy conclusions into your little brain. “ It’s not a theory it’s true “ “ Well i am sorry Billy, You sound like a complete idiot “ “ Mom said your not aloud to call me that Pertresha “ “ Fine Billy, BUT… its not photoshopped”“ OK.. Well what do you think it is?” I grabbed my computer.. Those two people looked familiar, liked I have seen them before. Something about them makes me freaked out, their gray suits and their matching gold shoes. It kind of rang a bell. “ I do not know” I said, finailly. Billy eventually returned into his room. He was probably tweeting about some more conspiracy theories to his 21 followers. How do they let a 14 year old with a twitter account is beyond my control. I went back to my homework. At least, I tried to. Every few mins my eyes keep thinking about thatWhere have I seen them before.Friday was so slow, it almost felt like a snail’s pace. Between failing chemistry and me falling asleep in english class. I totally forgot about the google maps. After school, I went straight home and grabbed a yogurt and went straight to my room. But I froze when my eyes fell on a picture, hanging next to the stairs. It was a photo of me and Billy. My mom had taken it when Billy and I were in Africa, a few days ago. Billy was holding some kind of helopoctor; I was wearing my moms old jeans and sparkly hair clips. But there, behind us, were too peopleTwo people wearing gray suits and gold shoes.I grabbed the frame picture off the wall, brought it up to my face. A blonde woman, arms crossed her chest. There was also a dark haired man, hands in his pocket. Their faces weren’t blurred out in this one, but they were wearing dark sunglasses“Mom” I called, heading back into the kitchen. “Do you remember taking this photo in Africa?” “Oh ya, sure”. She replied, through her chops of broccoli “Who were those people behind us?”Mom took the photo and brought it close to her face. Her eyes were calm, searching… and then, suddenly they widened. “Just something random people.” She said mysteriously“But I saw them” “Shouldn’t you be doing your homework?”“It’s Friday mom!!”“But your grades aren’t the best” She didn’t give me the photo back to me; instead she set it on the counter and told me I should be studying. I turned around and ran up the stairs. That hurt me a lot… Usually, mom treats me like I’m her little princess. She always praises me, hugging me, telling me how wonderful I am. Yelling at Billy, we’ll that’s normal but mom wasn’t acting normal. I plopped down in front of my computer and typed in I should be planning for my 18 year old birthday. It’s only three weeks anyway. Or on Facebook to see if Kate broke up with her boyfriend yet.But I wasn’t, I was here, on Google maps, staring at them. The gray suits, the gold shoes, the faces that were blurred blobs. While I was sitting thinking about these two people, I decided to search for my old address. The house we lived in before this one. The images loaded.There, in the front yard, two people just standing there.Wearing gray suits.What?!!?? I zoomed in, staring at the screen. Little pieces of blood hair on the shoulders of the women. The man held his hands in his pockets. They both stood in the front yard, in plain sight, as if there was nothing going on. The text read “ Street View – May 2012” When we lived there. My hands trembled against the keyboard. My heart pounced in my chest. But I forced myself to type the third address. __ 6th St. The tiny “ starter house” we’d lived there several years ago. The image loaded. A cute, white ranch with 2 windows in front, a carpet fluorescent- green grass, and a cracked cobblestone walkway appeared. The porch was empty. I breathed a sigh of relief. They weren’t there. No one standing on the lawn, in the driveway, or anywhere around the house. If those people were following us, they’d be here, too. I took slow, deep breaths, calming my racing heart. I was about to click away when something caught my eye. Something in the window I zoomed in. The window was dark, cut by white lines separating the glass into panes. But in the lower right pane – there was something. Pale, pressed up against the glass.I zoomed in again.It was a face.Fear coursed through my veins. I slammed the laptop shut, leaped out of my chair. And then what any terrified teenager would do.I ran downstairs to Mom. “MOM!”” I called