Ying At the front of the Elpida General Hospital snowflakes gently float

Ying At the front of the Elpida General Hospital, snowflakes gently float down from the sky. All of a sudden, the leaves are ripped off the trees. The dark and ominous clouds loom menacingly over the sky, the dubious storm arrives… Suddenly, it starts raining heavily. The raindrops – that are landing on the Earth – form a mist and mixed with the dust in the air. The flowers are looking out of the windows, praying that it will be over soon. The siren of the annoying ambulance slowly become louder and louder. Nurses and doctors rushing out the hospital pushing a medical stretcher. They gently place the wounded on the stretcher. Sweats and tears rolling down his face, struggling with pain, trying to escape from the grim reaper. A cleaner pushes a trolley that is full of disinfectant and sprays it in every corner of the hall. The smell of the disinfection instantly fills up the hall. As the young patient is pushed into the Intensive Care Unit, the smell of the blood, mixed with the smell of disinfectant, diffuses in the air. The maroon-red blood dripping onto the ashen, concrete floor, forming a puddle of blood. There is a cacophony of sound: parents crying; tools clamouring; nurses knocking keyboards; and the sliding doors opening and closing. The professional nurses leisurely guiding the patients. The patients listen to the nurses like a five years old kid and line up patiently waiting for their turn to register. Friends pacing in front of the operating room, the sound of the worrying footsteps become louder and faster. Parents sitting on the bench, tears are like broken pearls rolling down their cheeks. Patient’s superstition wife, sitting beside her innocent son, praying the powerful, mighty and vigorous Jesus for help. Her son looks at her, eyes full with love, placing his clammy hand on her back comforting her. Their facial expressions are all the same, nervous, worry, fear. A nurse runs out from the operating room, an indescribable expression on her face. Suddenly, a despondent thunder strikes and echos through the hallways. At that point, they think that everything is hopeless and tears burst out from their eyes like water from a waterfall. The dim lights in the operating room shine onto the doctors face. Those crystal clear sweats on their face slowly roll down their cheeks. The patient is suffering in pain but as the anaesthetize goes through his body the pain get lesser and lesser and lesser…, slowly he closes his eyes, handing his life to the unfamiliar but professional doctors in front of him. The heartbeats of the doctors and nurses, beat along with the ECG Monitor. The doctors are like warriors fighting against their biggest enemy, death! The crimson-red blood stands out on the milky-white gloves. The concentrated fresh blood mix with the warm and sticky sweats on the iron-grey concrete floor. When the hands on the clock strike 12, the sliding doors in front of the operating room start to open, they see a light of hope as the door slowly opening. The happiness on their faces is priceless. As their tears stop dripping, the dubious storm comes to an end…

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