You desreve this Winnie

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My name is Safira Adikini. I am a student of Des Moines Area Community College working on completing an associate degree in Science and planning on transferring to a four-year college after I am done with nursing program. My educational dream consists of acquiring associate degree in health science that will enable me go into nursing career. Besides, my career vision is be able to provide the bests care, serving with compassion and dedication to all people of United States. However, I am sure that failure to complete my college education, I will never be able to achieve my career goals.I decided on attaining a career as a nurse due to my passion for caring and assisting people to gain or improve on their health and mental status. And I believe that with nursing career, it will give me the opportunity to serve the needs of the community. After becoming a registered nurse, I plan on specializing into nursing anesthesia, that administer anesthesia and gives other medications to patients. I have received awards of distinction in biology which has motivated me to always aim higher especially with my studies. I believe being an immigrate in a family of seven members has made my decision of attending to college more challenging. I immigrated from Uganda and I have been here in the United States for two years ago (January 25th 2016). Despite the fact that I am staying with my family and my father works for state (residential instructor), we are many in the house thus five children hence my parents cannot afford to pay for my college education. Life has not been easy for both me and my family members and the solution we have is to work overtime especially my father to support us all with some of our basic needs. This has forced me to balance work with school as well as helping my parents with my younger siblings which is hard to manage. However, with working night shift to get money for a living and tuition, I have managed to maintain a GPA of 3.92. I currently work as a patient care tech and usually between two to three times of twelve hours per week, which is a flexible schedule for my classes. In addition, I help with some financial expenses by baby sitting my younger siblings as my parents are at work. Furthermore, I am praying as I try to find scholarships that can help me through my education. I will always have hope and be grateful if I am given a chance like what your foundation is giving to students. It creates a feeling in me that I have a team with me supporting and encouraging me to move forward in my journey of my dream goals.