YOUR NAMEYOUR PROFESSOR NAMECOURSE IDENTIFICATIONDATETopic In the play Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has sharply depicted the love between Romeo and Juliet as the ultimate emotion, the highest form of a relationship, the one feeling which one would risk their very being to possess but then turns to be tragic at the end. Intentionally Shakespeare, in his very own way creates the love to be so powerful but impulsive that it has blinded two main characters over other concerns, of which most profound is the feud between two rival families. It is the immaturity and the impulsiveness that has a significant impact on the behaviors of Romeo and Juliet throughout the play.Young love is a deep immature feeling, which tends to misguide those affected by it, in some situation, in a negative way. The concept of the young misguiding love is strongly emphasized in the drama Romeo and Juliet. POINT: Firstly, Romeo and Juliet share the love of spontaneity. PROOF: Throughout the entire play based on the relationship of these two characters, Romeo and Juliet only have four encounters. The first at Capulet’s feast; where the two first meet each other (1.5, 94-111), the second in the Capulet courtyard, in front of Juliet’s window (2.2), the third encounter is in the secret garden where Romeo and Juliet are wed (2.6), and the final encounter, before their deaths, is in Juliet’s bedroom, when they make love for the first time (3.5, 1-59). EXPLANATION: Basically, these two youths have fallen in the “highest form of love”” with each other with only using a few lines of dialogue

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