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Name:Instructor:Course:Date:Organizational cultures to support EBPAgency Name University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) Department of Nursing Kentucky OneHospital Baptist HealthFacilityMission Statement for Nursing The nursing department’s mission in Lowa health facility is to provide high quality patient care based on a strong clinical expertise, education, evidenced –based practice, research, shared governance, leadership and collaboration with multidisplinery team members. Kentucky One’s mission is to promote health and wellbeing through excellence in nursing education, research, practice and service while fostering diversity and inclusion. The mission of Baptist Health entails, provision of cost effective and quality care for the community.Words In the Mission Associated with EBPClinical expertiseResearchEvidence-based practiceHigh quality patient careResearchWellbeingPromote health Quality carePatientFrom the Mission Statement- does EBP seem to be a part of the Mission of the Nursing Department – explain your answer EBP is part of the Lowa’s mission statement. EBP is an acronym of evidence based practice. EBP refers to solving a problem on foundation of clinical judgment that bases on scientific evidence and practitioners’ and patients’ assessments (Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, 10). Lowe nursing department contains all the three components of EBP which are: clinical expertise, scientific evidence/research and patient values . Kentucky One’s mission is part of the EBP. It focuses on promoting health and wellbeing of the society. EBP is important for Kentucky to achieve quality health care services and improve conditions of the patient-centered care (Jylhä, Oikarainen, Perälä and Holopainen, 9). The mission of Baptist health center contains one goal of EBP. Baptist health facility must integrate the EBP strategic keys so as to strive in providing cost effective quality care to patients. EBP strategic components are research evidence, clinical expertise and patient values and circumstances (Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, 13).In conclusion EBP is important to the health facilities because it enables nursing departments to achieve several benefits. Ensuring stronger basis for health –care investments decisions, patient safety and improved quality care. This paper recommends health centers to integrate EBP in nursing so as to achieve excellence .Works Cited Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. Evidence-Based Practice. AMSN Journal: Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, 2013, revised 2010 Edition, Jylhä Virpi, Oikarainen Ashlee, Perälä Marja-Leena and Holopainen Arja. Facilitating evidence based practice in nursing and midwifery in the WHO European Region. World Health Organizational Journal, 2017, pages 1-35, Access from http://www.nursingcenter.com/evidencebasedpracticenetwork/home.aspx