Career Exploration

Care er 1 : Fir e fig h te r Care er 2 : Regis te re d N urs e URL(s )/ S o urc e s Dutie s When there is a fire, firefighters: rescue and evacuate people from the involved structures establish a water supply lay out and connect hoses […]

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career indecision Despite several studies on the link between state and attribute

career indecision. Despite several studies on the link between state and attribute anxiety with career indecision, terribly restricted analysis has been conducted during this space among Iranian students. For this purpose, a hundred and fifty undergrad undecided students from three universities in Khozestan Islamic Republic of Iran, completed the career call scale (CDS), and therefore […]

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A study conducted by Abele and Spurk in Muhammad (2017) revealed that, despite the efforts to attain gender equality, Africa still has discrimination in certain professions which tend to prevent students from choosing certain careers and because of this deeply rooted stereotypes about men and women, gender continues to have a significant impact on the […]

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Career Exploration Project

C areer Exploration Project Jessica Ochoa ~ College Algebra ~ MATH 1314 ~ Semester 2Registered Nurse› What do they do?– When you become a registered nurse your responsibilities mainly involve caring for patients, but the specific duties vary depending on the employer or specialization. – RNs may assist physicians in providing different treatments, administer medications […]

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Networking in Nursing and Career DevelopmentThe first professional nursing association in the

Networking in Nursing and Career DevelopmentThe first professional nursing association in the United States was founded in 1893 as the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses. Today this organization is known as the National League for Nursing. Today the largest nursing organization is the American Association of Nursing. There are over 100 […]

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Career research project

NAME :- Harmanpreet Kaur Sran, STUDENT I.D:- 4289302CAREER RESEARCH PROJECTJOB DESCRIPTION REPORTPLAN A: I need to wind up human services partner so for this I need to give consideration on a few necessities. Right off the bat, this activity will give consideration to others which I really need and report composing is additionally fundamental to […]

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Ndumu ThomasWK2 DiscussionDRAFTIntroductionPART 1Reasons for advancing my career and the expectationsWhich career

Ndumu ThomasWK2 DiscussionDRAFTIntroduction:PART 1-Reasons for advancing my career and the expectations.-Which career path, family nurse practitioner versus psychiatric nurse practitioner.-Which MSN program to enroll in, online versus traditionalPART 2-Challenges to face-Online studies-Financial consideration-Practicum site and Mentor, medical doctor Versus Nurse practitioner.PART 3-Strategies to succeed-Academically-ProfessionallyConclusion: I graduated from nursing school with a bachelor’s degree in 2004. […]

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