I chose nursing as a career because I understand the comforting effects

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I chose nursing as a career because I understand the comforting effects and confident assurance a nurse can have on both the patient and family. The nurse is able to quickly develop trusting relationships, synthesize concerns effectively, and in turn advocate for patients. The relationship with the nurse is more personal and relatable once the patient become comfortable and that is gained through trust. Trust is the blueprint of many successful relationships; without it relationships don’t have stability and often lack moving forward. I’m choosing the field of nursing because I want to make a difference in the lives of the sick even if it can’t be long term. A moment can feel like an eternity and I enjoy the differences I can make in a patient’s overall hospital experience. My personal philosophy of a nurse is that their care embraces all cultures of diversity and inclusion. Illness is blind to race, gender and ethnicity; it’s critically important to ensure that health care providers accurately represent the communities you serve (Nardi, Deena A., 2013). In thinking, the viewpoint of the patients, nurses can be seen as being in a privileged position because they have the power to alter the patients’ quality of life.I will do well in this program because unlike a large university Dorsey specialize in smaller classroom sizes. The quality of education is comparable to big institutions of higher education, tuition is more affordable and the schedules are flexible. I plan to gain a relationship with my instructor where I can learn and ask questions about things, I am uncertain of, double my study efforts and know that there is no such thing as a dumb question. I will do well because nursing is an area of study, I would dedicate my life to even if there was no compensation involved. I am that invested.The biggest obstacle in entering this program is dealing with the different phases of death as it pertains to children. In the final hours of 2016, I was out of state celebrating the start of an incoming new year. I had set some goals, was in great health and was just in a great space in my life. On January 1, 2017, I lost my oldest daughter, Mi’ Ari Rose to a long battle with Cerebral Palsy. I got the worst phone call of my life and that my daughter wasn’t breathing and later on passed away. My life and everything I had worked diligently for was in shambles. The main thing that motivates me to become a nurse is my daughter, Devyn. She is four years old and is my entire life line. Aside for the passing of my daughter, Mi’Ari Rose and my immediate family which is small, she is all I have. My daughter pushes me every day to become a better mother, woman, student and overall person. Devyn, motivates me to try new things, take on challenges and know that failing was never an option. This is for her. She is my why.