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Human Resources and Staffing Crisis at Blumberg’s Nursing HomeStudent’s NameProfessor’s NameCourse TitleDateIntroductionSuburban Philadelphia where Blumberg Nursing Home is situated in a highly populated environment. As such, there competing for demands for health care services needing all available hospitals to be operational at any given point. From the unfortunate event that led to the firing of the workers, it can be said that operations within the hospital are highly affected as such there must be prudent that prioritization is done in replacing the affected workers. The papers seek to address the human resource staffing crisis at Blumberg Nursing Home in the following dimensions, develop human resource policy that addresses inappropriate conduct, come up with effective long-term care facility management as well as strategies, and come up with strategies for BNH to use quality survey in the improvement of administrative practices. Assessing the Staffing Needs at Blumberg Nursing HomeFrom the statement, it can be realized that with the appointment of one nurse to the position of an acting director, the hospital is understaffed in the nursing department. A nurse has further been appointed on an interim basis against the federal law provision that requires that at any given time, the facility should have a registered nurse who works for a minimum of 8 hours and 7 days a week based on this statement, based on this appointment it is clear that under the current nursing operational framework at the Blumberg Nursing Home, there is a serious contravention of the law which is likely to calumniate to legal action against the facility.Due to the growing demand for healthcare services, the healthcare market is expanding as most people can now access to medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The nursing job today is considered as the most demanding job, in most cases, there is constrained nursing services and their nature of work further demands that they work within a stipulated timeline. This so because of fatigue as one of the factors that have been identified to compromise the quality of the care that they offer (Boyle, 2011). The absence of a nurse at a premise known to be a nursing home can lead to adverse effects on the quality of the service offered in the facility. As such, hiring a nurse in conformity with the federal laws and maintaining the quality of care must be the principal responsibility of the BNH thereby making the appointment of a full-time nurse a mandatory requirement. Additionally, it is worth noting that a number of those in the nursing fraternity has been on the decline with an approximate 20% of the total number of nurses being baby-boomers who are nearing retirement, their productivity given their age of service is waning and additional work schedule may lead to a compromised quality (Boyle, 2011). The second priority appointment must be the appointment of a receptionist. In any organization, the receptionist will be the first person you meet; they perform nearly all organizational duties. They are virtually the face of the organization as they interact with consumers in every way, this makes their presence at the hospital reception desk very imperative for continued and uninterrupted service provision. At BNH, the receptionist will be crucial to arranging a nursing appointment with patients as well as coordinating most communication and activities between the various department of the hospital. It is important that the hospital of dietary assistant to complement those who are already present, however, given the prevailing situation, it may not be a necessity with regards to the urgency of the requisition. Human resources policy for Workplace Conduct Reporting inappropriate conduct.Blumberg Nursing Home Human Resource Workers Conduct Policy PreambleBlumberg Nursing Home is committed to ensuring that work is conducted, in all respect and at all time in strict adherence to legal, ethical, and professional standards within the professional scope that our core services bases. BNH is further determined to create a work environment void of harassment and any form of discrimination. The policy covers all the employees of Blumberg Nursing Home whenever the act on behalf of the company. To achieve all that we envisage, all our employees are expected to:Respect and strictly align with professional work ethic as well as good morals Respect the different values, beliefs, culture, and religions Uphold honesty, transparency, and fairness in their line of duty.Purpose of the Blumberg Nursing Home Human Resource Workers Conduct PolicyThe formulated policy seeks to ensure that our employees remain true to their professional ethics, maintain trust, and integrity of employees of the company by affirming to observe the appropriate standards as set in the policy for prosperity and maintenance of the company’s corporate image (Fernando, 2010). The formulated policy further aims to guide all employees on the behavior while transacting business on behalf of the company. We acknowledge that this policy may not cover all the seen and foreseen situations likely to be encountered in the line of duty, in that regard all our employees are expected to seek guidance from their reporting manager or the Human Resource Depart for decisive action. The reporting system is a simple linear method in which a whistleblower is expected to disclose the gross misconduct situation in formal writing, and as a matter of urgency for expedite action, the letter must state the specific guidelines of the company policies and rules that may have been violated, for documentation purposes, it must the reporting letter must dated as well as include the name of the employee who was involved in the breach of policies. The content must be that which gives a brief description of the nature of the violation and then delivered to the ethics department. Upon verification and a 10-day investigatory process, the affected employee is requested a show cause for his/her conducted, all these time, employees are accorded free and fair hearing void of intimidation and any violation of the right. If found guilty of a violation of the policy and depending on the extent of the damage that his/her action may have caused the company image, he may be dismissed. RationaleThe formulated policy takes to account all the circumstances that may lead to gross misconduct seen and unseen. It is done in simple and comprehensible language so that all employees can understand. it further protects employees against blackmail and extortion. The reporting process is simple, and documentation ensures that references can be made as may be required, the documentation further form precedence that can be used in other similar cases. 3. Effective long-term care facility administrator must have both leadership and management skills.It is worth acknowledging that the current happening may have dented the image of the hospital and the confidence of the employees on management aspect of the hospital, it is imperative that the facility administrator must find ways of working with the employees to win back their trust one of the probable way of attaining this is through improved human skillsHuman skills confine the ability to work effectively as a cohesive group in a cooperative environment. Human skills are more concerned with working with people, as an administrator, there must be aware of how attitude may affect confidence in a system. A highly human skilled administrator gives an understanding of the existence of varied perception and beliefs, this helps in improving free communication between the members of the organization. Human skills will help create an atmosphere of consensus and security which allows people to have free expression of selves without censure or reprimand; this will encourage them to have their input in the management, participate in the decision-making process and reports events that may injure the images of the company (Wuthnow, 2012). BNH employs require sensitivity towards their input as a motivating aspect in the willingness to uphold the image of the hospital. In a demonstration of quality management skills, the administrator must show astute technical skills in managing process around the premise. Proper technical skills give comprehension in activities that involve methods, procedures, processes and business techniques. For instance, through technical skills, the administrator will set up reporting systems that hold employees accountable and give proper documentation without intimidation. Integrity and trust in the business must be enhanced after the recent incidence, application of administrative technologies in inventory management and procurement process is a step away from reducing pilferage and instances of employee involvement in business malpractices. Astute technical skills in quality management revolve around specialization, analytical skills within facilities and use of a specific tool for a particular discipline (Kale, 2014). 4. Recommend a strategy for BNH to use the Quality Indicator Survey to improve administrative practices and ensure future compliance at the facility. Justify your recommendation.Understanding quality indicator structure and survey process tries to give an insight as to how nursing services can improve through quality service and timely information sharing; this standard is particularly helpful in overcoming and prevention of unperceived negative effects that may affect BNH. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a state agency within the Department of Health and Human Services can help improve the quality of administrative services within BNH, some of the quality control measures envisage under this framework is certification of all skilled nurses within the facility to provide services that meet the federal law requirements (Shi & Singh, 2015). As such, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services will seek to maintain an oversight role in the regulatory and safety standards within nursing homes like the Blumberg Nursing Home.Under the Nursing Home Reform Act which is part of the detailed and larger comprehensive Legislation, The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987, the standards set within these acts ensure that set guidelines are observed in a way that sanctions are imposed on facilities that fail to meet the set standards. Some of the documented sanction include monetary penalties, denial of new admissions to hospitals that underperform. With these laws and the set human policy, it will be a collective responsibility for all the persons working for and with Blumberg Nursing Home (BNH) to ensure that the facility works towards the attainment of the set standards. ReferencesBoyle, D. (2011). Countering compassion fatigue: A requisite nursing agenda. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 16(1).Fernando, A. C. (2010). Business ethics and corporate governance. Pearson Education India.Shi, L., & Singh, D. A. (2015). Essentials of the US health care system. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.Kale, V. (2014). Implementing SAP® CRM: The Guide for Business and Technology Managers. CRC Press.Wuthnow, R. (2012). Acts of compassion: Caring for others and helping ourselves. Princeton University Press.