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Taking stock of my career to date to better articulate my motivation for taking Graduate NP Program: Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AG-ACNP) has led me to a simple conclusion. It is the most logical sequel and learning progression to what I have been doing all these years since obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. Being the hallmark of starting my medical career, I made it a personal quest to understand the expectations of patients, on the one hand, and the essential curricula demand. For this reason, my core medical goal has always been to make the diagnostic process, both enriching and worthwhile. This, coupled with my passion, as a nurse practitioner, is pegged on my childhood desire to alleviate pain in suffering patients. It gives me a unique feeling of gratification whenever I can research and come up with medical solutions that are relevant, practical, and ethical.Given my history, which this essay has afforded me to describe in brief, I believe that I am an ideal candidate for entry into your AG-ACNP program. Notwithstanding the ineffaceable mark I left in the corporate world, I have primarily been a scholar, nurse, educator as well as a researcher. Currently, as a Registered Nurse, my resolve is unshakeable, my commitment is genuine, and my vision is clear.As depicted in my resume, I have intensified my nursing acumen through various rotations and residencies, high-end research projects, in addition to certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) Advance cardiac life support (ACLS) and training in Crisis Prevention, Sexual abuse prevention, among others. At this point in my education, I still have so much to learn to bring my knowledge and competencies to a level where I can find the career fulfilment I seek. Obtaining an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner – Acute Care training from Duke University allows me to achieve just that. I abhor any research undertakings that promote anything but inclusive research excellence. To meet models of research operations that accommodate inclusivity means, I have to cede my own perceptions and goals and adopt what is agreeable with your program. To do this, I fully understand the burgeoning patient acuity, and growing demand for highly specialized nurse practitioners at the bedside, which your AG-ACNP program offers excellent training. Being a research enthusiast myself, this is necessary for providing general direction to research, promote consensus on critical concepts, outline processes, and procedures as well as encourage inclusivity in both the efforts and successes of research work in medical settings. The individualized mentoring and guidance is something that I seek and know I will prosper tremendously from. During this time with you, I plan to press on for my quest for higher intellectual stimulation through your AGNP acute care major program—which will focus on developing skills and knowledge necessary in delivering nursing care to patients ranging from adolescence to older parenthood across acute care arenas.Besides, I also plan on paying it forward and volunteering my medical services in healthcare outreach programs working in underserved communities where there is a greater need to address healthcare issues. I am hoping to have the same impact on those communities I serve, no matter how small. This is the passion I derived in 2015 when I volunteered in a Medical mission trip in Lima, Peru, where we primarily set up medical clinics for underserved communities.My choice for the college has been anchored on its rigorous curriculum, erudite faculty, and inclusion policy that allow both native and foreign students to contribute to a rich diversity of cultures and backgrounds among its student population, opening up opportunities to gain a global perspective that is critical in empowering a nurse graduate to become an active member of an interprofessional health care expert. I am excited to take my next learning milestone in a country known for its world-class scholastic standards without the steep cost of education in similar learning institutions.I am motivated and prepared to excel in, not only as a knowledgeable Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner but also amplifying my evidence-based research pursuits. I have a tested and workable scholarly philosophy that makes me prepared to handle diverse audiences, including, but not limited to, patients, corporate professionals, undergraduates, and postgraduates, to mention just but a few.I’m confident that your esteemed organization will offer me a fulfilling experience both intellectually and personally to be an excellent Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner who practices nursing with a blend of wisdom, compassion, and scholarship to optimally health the world.