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Case Study-2 Lori Dupont- Hotel-Dieu Grace HospitalLori Dupont was a nurse at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Windsor. On November 12, 2005, she was stabbed in chest by her co-worker at the workplace. It appears that, Marc Daniel, her coworker, was also her ex-boyfriend who worked in the same hospital as an anesthetist .He followed her and harassed her for a year after the breakup. After some days of her death, he was also found dead due to the overdose of drugs, which was a suicide. The hospital authority declared it has an unforeseen event. The interesting fact is that the hospital authority was aware of their love association and the aggression and harassment she had encountered in the workplace. However, they had never taken any actions against Daniel. In 2007, a long 10 week investigation has been done on the case to look upon solution to prevent workplace violence and harassment. Following the inquest on December, 2007, 26 recommendations were released including Bill-168 which contained modifications in the Ontario occupational health and safety act. The bill includes detailed workplace policies and procedures for dealing with abuse and sexual misconduct. Dupont’s death urged the government to make considerable changes in the legislation. After the incident Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital implemented their own guiding principle to put off such similar happenings. (Hospital settles with slain nurse’s family, 2010)Employers Duties to prevent workplace harassmentHarassment PoliciesThe employer should insure that a workplace violence and harassment policy is established and enforced. The policy should be a written document that should be reviewed annually to be modified if needed, In order to get approved the policy should be signed by a higher authority in the organization. The policy should be signed by a superior authority within the company to be authorized. Another important thing that should be taken care of by the employer is that it should be placed in a place where all workers can see it.Conducting InvestigationIn the case of complaints, an appropriate investigation into complaints of workplace harassment should be carried out by the employer. Throughout the investigation, proper strategies should be followed. Until the truth is known, the confidentiality of the case is not disclosed. The suspected person must have the opportunity to speak to the employee’s allegations made. Based on the accusation, the investigator can be an outside party. It is necessary to properly document all details of the complaint and investigation report.CommunicationTo make the workplace more friendly and accessible, open communication should be initiated between employer and employee. If the employer promotes open communication, the workers will be more comfortable discussing sensitive issues that will help the company find a solution if the problem is within the business. This makes the work environment safe and stress-free.Risk AssessmentEmployers can review every part of the workplace’s operating procedures under standard conditions as part of the violence risk assessment. Bill 168 evaluates the risk of violence in the workplace that can arise from the nature of work, working conditions, and type of work. It should be often conducted to identify the highest risk factors.Training and EducationInclude in the training session your company procedure for reporting, investigating and resolving harassment complaints. Training should be provided to all levels of employees, irrespective of heir position. It should be made compulsory and should be conducted periodically. In addition, proper feedback should be obtained from the employees who attended the training sessions.ReferenceHospital settles with slain nurse’s family | CBC News. (2010, January 4). Retrieved December 11, 2019, from is required to view this site. (n.d.). Retrieved December 11, 2019, from, N. Y. (1970, September 4). Bill 168: employers’ liability for workplace violence, RegQuest, vol. 3, No. 9 at 1-3 (September, 2010). Retrieved December 11, 2019, from