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Lucas VincentMs. KosmatkaEnglish 911 January 2019 Beck centennial elementary fog machineWhen people hear elementary school, there are a lot of different things that might come to mind: holiday parties, end of the year kickball games and the class store. But for me and everyone else at Beck centennial elementary we think of the fog machine. It was May 13, 2016. The entirety of the fifth-grade class was practicing for an upcoming performance. We were about half way through when Mrs. Burris the music teacher decided she wanted to use a fog machine during our performance. About ten minutes later while practicing our lines we heard a few students and helpers complain about having headaches “Mrs. Burris, I don’t feel so good.” Those people were sent down to the office and once they left, we continued with our practice. We were about ten minutes away from finishing when someone passed out. Once the teachers made sure the student was ok we were lead out of the gym where we were practicing and out into the hallway. My teacher called the police and we waited in the hallway until they arrived. Once they arrived we were taken into the nurse’s office one by one to make sure there was nothing wrong like headaches or dizziness or anything like that. By this time the fire trucks and police arrived to see what was going on. While they were investigating the entire school was forced to stay outside and wait until it was clear. It was so chaotic the only things I could hear were “I want my mom!” and “I’m scared” there were very few of us who were calm, myself included. We were asked to try to calm everyone else down, so we could hear what the fire chief had to say. According to the fire chief “the machine wasn’t set up properly.” Once he was done talking we were given the ok to go back inside. However, we didn’t continue the school day but very slowly we went into the nurse’s office and they checked and made sure we were ok and had no side effects like the headaches. If we weren’t sick we were bussed to Eisenhower and anyone who had even the slightest headache was taken by ambulance to the hospital. This experience taught me a few things. Even though you think something bad may never happen to you its entirely possible that anything can happen to anyone. The one thing you should never do in this situation is freak out especially in front of the little kids because if they see you scare they’ll be scared and when little kids are scared its very difficult to calm them down.