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Mandeep KaurHemlata BramtaCommunity Mental Health1 August 2018Assignment on Reflective Practice in Nursing IntroductionMy name Mandeep Kaur .I am 24 years old. I belong to village kandiala.I have completed my bachelor of science in nursing from Guru Hargobind College of Nursing.The aim of my assignment is to enhance my knowledge and to improve my study skills Introduction of reflective practice“Process of internally examining and exploring an issue of concern , triggered by an experience , which creates and clarifies meaning in terms of self and which results in a changed conceptual perspective”(Boyed and fales, ) Definition of Reflective PracticesIt involves “paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday actions, by examining practice reflectively and reflexively. This leads to development insight.” GIBB’S REFLECTIVE CYCLEIn Gibbs’ reflective model there are six parts which describe the process of reflective practice.Description: When I was studying in bachelor of nursing third year. I was posted in hospital .My duty was in general ward on fourth floor .At that ward , there were so many patients who suffered from different disease conditions .There was an incident occurred with me . My senior nurse gave me instructions about the medications how we give the medication to the patients according to right method. But, while giving medication I did not follow any method. I just check the medicine and name of the patient. Later on, I gave the medicine to the patient without checking another rights of medication. It was my mistake then suddenly my senior nurse noticed and scolded me. After that, nurse told me to read the rights of medication.Feeling:When I was start giving medication to the patients. At that time I felt very confident but I did not followed right method while medication so I felt very bad at the end of medication. Evaluation:The experience was good but I did mistake while giving medicine to the patient so that thing was very bad but I learnt valuable information from an incident. It was good thing for me that learnt something good about the importance of the rights of medication. Analysis:After completion of medication of that patient.I realized ,we should not do anything in hurry. It was my another mistake. Moreover, there were so many patients but nurses ratio were not equal to patients so was in hurry and I did that mistake.Conclusion:I learnt about importance of rights of medication and why it is so important for patient because my mistake might be create some serious health issue for patient. Action plan:If this situation arise again in the future then I will follow all rights of medications as well as instructions too before administering any medication to the patients. Works CitedBalton and Gillie. Reflective Practice writing and professional development, Los Angeles: Stage publications. Gibbs and Graha. Learning by doing : a guide to teaching methods, London: Further Education Unit Publications.