On evaluation Firstly it added to my experience of dealing with patient

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On evaluation, Firstly, it added to my experience of dealing with patient as a nurse. When we administering medication, we have to concern about five rights. And LASA medications. The event was good in a number of ways, these are,I have never forgotten, in fact whenever I’m preparing injection procedures, it marked me and since then I’m very careful with this matter of medication dosage, right drugs, right route and tight time. I learned from it, so that I never made this error again. I learned the lesson that it’s not a thing to play with, that you don’t play with medication, that you don’t play with life. I learned that life is a greater thing and I don’t have to be in a hurry.For me this incident was positive, because of I use threeble checked method. Now I tribal chick drugs before administering to patients taking a good look at the prescription. And also I start studding more about pharmacology.Errors negatively move nursing professionals through ethical and moral principles to good and never damage the patient. These episodes may cause psychological and emotional traumas that may be oppressive and harmful.Health professionals are not organized to arrangement with errors and with unpleasant feelings resulting from errors, such as sham, incapability, guilt, doubt about their knowledge as seen in the first group.The main benefits regarding this incident is that the patient anxious came to no serious harm. Personally,.I have changed my practice to avoid drug errors happening in the future.I am not to be complacent with drug administration. I feel that I have from the experience, thus improving my clinical practice.this incident has highlighted the need for attentiveness at all times I will never let this or any other incident occur due to lack of concentration again in my practice.