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HADEELIn my childhood I had a lot of friends, we see each other all the time and we play with each other a lot. But there was one friend that I enjoyed playing with him the most in our apartment and her name was Hadeel.I remember the first time that I met Hadeel, I was 6 years old my mom invited our neighbours from the next apartment and I was so excited because my mom told me that they have two kids and I can play with them if I was a good boy. She came with her mom and her brother and I jumped to talk them, and I said, “hey guys what is your names, do you want to see my room I have a hulk it’s very cool, I can jump from my bed to the door but don’t tell mom”. She laughed and told me her name is Hadeel and she is going start going to elementary school next year and her brother Sami is studying in kindergarten. We played that night till we end up sleeping in the floor. After this night we became best friends and I used to sneak to their apartment to sit with them her mom was always kind, Hadeel looked like her mom a lot red hair, brown eyes and I always tell her that skin is like snow white. 6 years we were in this apartment and I used to talk to her all the time in these years I always I asked her what she was saying she was so shy and her voice were so low then we moved from this apartment to a house it was cool but I always missed her and since we moved I lost all the connection with her. And when I was 18 and it was summer I was traveling alone to Abu Dhabi while I left my family in Dubai I was going to Ferrari world a huge place filled with cars and entertainments. While I was walking and enjoying myself I saw this girl and she looked familiar she had a red hair, tall and very fancy and I don’t know what the deal with this girl but she was very attractive then from behind me I hear with raucous voice, “HEEEY IICCEE” *back home they call me ice because of my cold emotions and I don’t take things seriously and that in our culture is cold* ,I looked back then there was uncle Nasser, Hadeel’s father ,with his moustache and his broken glasses that was broken the first time I met him ,I was shocked I didn’t see him in years and now I see him and in UAE. We greeted each other he said you changed a lot but the second I saw you I recognized you , we talked for maybe half an hour and he told me that Hadeel and Sami are here but he don’t know where are they now, he said you have to meet them and I pretended that I don’t care because I can’t say (hey I miss your daughter) because if I did I wouldn’t be a live I guess. But god help me I can’t wait to run to search for her. Then I remembered the girl I saw that must have been Hadeel, then I was like one of the Ferraris in this world I was going everywhere looking for her and believe me I know now why they called it world it was YUGE (with trump voice). Finally, I found her standing with in her fancy leather brown coat and her blue scarf I saw this moment in slow motion she was running her hand through her hair she looked tremendous (also with trump voice).I was afraid to talk to her does she even remember me? What do I say hey I am the kid who used to be your friend? I was standing and was looking at her without doing anything, then she looked at me and farrowed her brows and said “am I dreaming? is that you ICE? Sorry Mashel”, inside me I said you can call me banana I don’t care but in reality, I said yeah you remember me she said “how can I forget you”. I was over the moon at this moment the happiest ice you could ever see, and she told me that she is going to study to be a nurse or a doctor. We talked all day and we met in Dubai to talk she was as tall as me now when I was making fun her for being short in the past she convinced me to tend to study engineering I took her number and snapchat, and we talk every day since then.Hadeel was a life changer in my life I used to listen to every order that my mom said just to make her let me go to their apartment, so I was a good kid because of her, and I was going to tend a college because It was only 2 years but diploma even that I scored 87 in the test which qualify you to tend the university and only 12% of the students in Saudi Arabia get over 80, but because of her convincing I am here in the US trying to be an engineer.