SRUSHTI PATELMaster of Healthcare Administration EssayIt’s always hard to choose a perfect

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SRUSHTI PATELMaster of Healthcare Administration EssayIt’s always hard to choose a perfect career for yourselves because it will decide your lifestyle. Nowadays, healthcare industries are demanding more people. Day-by-day new technology and software are introducing in the market, which ought to be familiar to work in healthcare. Here, I’m going to discuss why I choose to study in the Masters of Healthcare Administration. First, education is a really important thing in everybody’s life. Grow as a young adult one question is asked by relatives and parents “what you want to be when you grow up?” When I was in elementary school I used to reply like I want to be a Queen. But the answer is changed to air hostel in middle school it is real but still unsure. The high school played the central role to fulfill my target and passion. University helps me to see where I’m heading in life and how much work I’m willing to put into it. I don’t know why people judge me on the question that what degree I’m doing, and they will assume my salary and my future but nobody said what I’m going to do with this degree. Secondly, I have my bachelor’s degree in business, in that liked to study accounting, marketing/management, economics and human recourses. But I always feel lacking of something interesting because I want to work with people who is working in medical and helps people to get better. After lots of research I found course which is in my favor healthcare administration. Healthcare administration is in charge of operating and handling private or government medical center. Good administrator should always make sure to provide quality care to patient by doctors, nurses, technicians and staff members.Finally, from my research I have learned some interesting data. First, Economics, technology, communication, risk management and strategic thinking are most important skills to becoming successful in healthcare administration. Second, Duties in small hospitals are mostly like answering phone calls, filling patient record issuing and paying bills, and processing insurance. In opposite in big hospital administration have single task but important thing to job get done. Third, health records have now being converted economically and patient recorde must be tracked. In conclusion, there are lots of skills that are important to be successful in healthcare administration. I think I have lots of skills like I can learn quickly to complete any work, and information which I have achieved from my research, and information which I will continue to learn more that helps me in my career to balance with advance technology to provide great care to patients. In life challenges are common but most important thing is how you overcome that challenge to be having successful career.