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1266825228600St. Teresa’s HospitalSchool of NursingSt. Teresa’s HospitalSchool of Nursing ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGEALL details MUST BE COMPLETED.Student Name: WONG Ching ChingStudent Number: 6831Course: GS2202 Effective Communication and Team BuildingAssignment Topic: Individual Term Paper: Reflective JournalYear/ Semester: Class 68Lecturer: Dr. KAN Wing ShanDue Date: 23 January 2019 (Wednesday)DECLARATION BY STUDENT: I certify that this assignment is my original work and that all sources have been accurately reported and acknowledged, and the content has not previously been submitted to elsewhere.I also confirm that I have kept a copy of this assignment.Student Signature:____WONG Ching Ching______For office use:This assignment was received. Date Stamp: STH6831 WONG Ching ChingIn personal, empathy and active listening are my strengths in communication. I can recognize the feelings in others, and adroitly using the skills that “put yourself in another person’s shoes”.  I will use the communication style that is most appropriate to my listener. Modifying my style to enable the listener to figure out and welcome my message without the need to convert it. It includes the non-verbal empathy (Julie, 2018). For example, if I comprehend a cancerous patient who is feel mournful and caring in a concerned sounds, a patient is more likely to believe you want to hear about him. The person feels valued. And when people feel valued, they feel safe. It is extreme valid and powerful communication tools that build trust of patient, mild anxiety, and improve health outcomes. Then, active listening. Give them my full attention that I will do, such as looking their eyes and turning my body towards them (Robertson, 2005). While the patient or my colleague is talking.  (Grohol , 2018) Nodding or shaking my head are the example that I show in order to expressing I am listening and focusing on their talk by using relevant gestures or noises. Trust and respect that are picked up with peers. I can find a great value from this skill (Grohol, 2018) .For example, I know some of the works that face my team, it will make me feel valued, and likely inspire determination. People will not only accept my ability but also respect my position (Robertson, 2005). I know that I am not perfect match in nursing communication, I still have the weakness that is speaking quickly. If I speak too fast, others may not get enough information, losing some main point to analysis and causing unclear indication and large error. For example, wherein a deficiency of communication exists between the prescribing physicians and nurse that speaking fast, they will get the incomplete patient information. Lacking information about which medications a patient is allergic to, other medications the patient is taking, diagnoses, or present laboratory results can cause to medical errors (Medication Error Reports ,1993) . However, I am trying to improve my disadvantage. I will speak slowly and clear for providing accurate report. It can decrease the communication error causing (Morey, Simon, Jay, Wears, Salisbury, Dukes & Berns , 2002).Eligible nurse is not accessible to attain. If I need to upgrade to a nurse mentor, I need to accomplish the essential characteristics of an exceptional nurse mentor.  First, exceptional mentor is to arrange instruction and constructive feedback to the learner that can be the new nurse or student nurse. This is where the learner most likely will grow the most by analyzing their present goodness and vulnerability, then learning how to apply these to achieve outstanding in the field (Wilson, 2012).They can coach being the adviser to others by using their experiential ability. Mentorship should cultivate ongoing role building and be based on the gain and grasp new abilities. Also, it should provide more flexibility for juniors to seek advices, there are an open exchange of thought and concept. The purpose of mentorship should be to constitute a balanced and supportive environment that should encourage professional growth through effective role modelling. Next, emotional stability. Nursing is a stressful works where dreadful situations are universal. The ability to take suffering and passing away without any change personal emotion is crucial. Otherwise, it will negatively affect your professional decision. (Wilson, 2012) It ensures nursing critical thinking working and role in the leader model to guide the instruction to other junior nurses when facing difficulties. Quick reaction to respond emergencies case and other situations that arise. Sometimes, health care work is radically the response to urgent incidences. A calm attitude, thinking quickly and problem solving before occurrence can decrease to make the wrong decision and increasing the rescue time for patients.  In communication, teamwork hold a crucial way in communication. Interdisciplinary teamwork is paramount model for delivering health care to patients. Collaboration in health care is defined as health care professionals assuming complementary roles and cooperatively working together, allocate responsibility for problem-solving and making decision to draw up and implement plans for patient care (Fagin ,1992). First, clinical care is becoming more complicated and specialized, forcing medical staffs to attempt knotty health services and quickly learn new methods. Aging populations, cancer, and heart disease are the example that need to take a multidisciplinary approach health care (Mickan & Sharon , 2005). Teamwork in nursing care contributes directly to more effective communication. Comparing patient’s profile, discussion of current situation about a patient’s altered health status and updated in the patient’s nursing care plan, such as prescriptions (Morgan Rush ,2017).Second, continuing a robust teamwork environment in nursing care can enhance colleague knowledge. Working together, nurses can transport new strategies, techniques or messages about particular diagnoses. It can increase overall team awareness, since nurses may come from variable schooling and experience baseline. High-experienced nurses can direct newer professionals in transitioning to the working location (Morgan Rush , 2017).In addition , teamwork allows nursing colleagues to become more recognizable with each other professional goodness and weaknesses , and complement the insufficiency. Working together reduces the number of medical errors and increases patient safety (Morey, Robert ,Gregory ,Robert ,Mary ,Kimberly & Scott , 2002).Third, because teamwork is centered on communication , patients and their family are to feel reassured , to accept treatments and to be satisfied with the caring sometimes (Mickan & Sharon, 2005) .Health workers is able to be more contented through successful team building works even in a stressful or emergency situations (Morgan Rush ,2017)(Amos, Mary, Jie, & Charlotte ,2005). The information that I have seem, I learn that communication properly with others and boosting myself continually are vital to develop my career. In communication properly with others, I should ensure the messages that I have received or sent that is correct and keeping contact with other professional. When I receive the nursing order that is to do the blood glucose measurement with a normal patient. If I have doubt to this order, I need to check the kardex and questioning my puzzled to the nurse in order to seeking the advice (Janine , 2011). Also, I need to keep monitor the patient’ situation to report with the in-charge doctor for the adjustment needs of the prescribed medicines . Patients get the immediate cure and leave the life-threatening risk. And my knowledge can be built or renewed by the mentoring and coaching, it can widely enhance my original basic concepts (Janine, 2011).Then , boosting myself continually . The class and readings have mentioned lots of communication skills for achieving a good nurse to benefit patients , professional assistants and nursing partner .There are not short-term skills that I can grasp , even catching but not using properly  (Janine , 2011). Hence , routinely learning and applying the skills is very important into professional practice. For example , when the patient is sobbing because of worried about the risk of a large surgery that he prepares to undergoing , I will keep eye contact and questioning to show my attention and concerned , then I observe the client’ reaction . In next day, I will try to touch his shoulder to comfort his emotion, observation of his reaction and comparing the result. In addition, keep reflection of my communication skills are the opportunity to improve my performance and to analyze my skills whether fitting the situation. I need to practice more to enhance the communication ability.In order to achieve myself, I would have action plan to guide my development direction. I would likely to develop myself with assertiveness. My goal is that I can actively communicate with patients and getting the three positive feedbacks about my passion and communication skills from others in three months. In healthcare, the pressure can arise expeditiously, considering a small mistake could contribute to a patient’s death. Leading nurses to experience weight and self-doubt from this type of pressure, especially in-experienced nurses (Lundberg, 2008). I admit that I do not have enough confidence to patients. Then, as a nurse, I need to have expertise in a broad range of communication skills. Being open to learn new communication skills from anyone and any situation is more likely to execute well. I have to participate in continuing education which is short-term class so I can have extra chances to learn a skill in the field. There are up-to-date information to me, therefore I can upgrade my nursing mind to lead my career and works smoothly.(Jenni ,2016)Also , I am trying the method that is peer modeling. Peer modeling is the purposeful matching of other nurse learners to observe a crave action. I can learn in the situation that is similar trait to me from the confident student has completed. I can try to do it by the reference of the student .I am able to see self confidence in peers and to build my own confidence through by proxy experience of other (Lundberg, 2008). Finally, I may have full confident to complete the mission. Building a confidence basically profits patients. A confident nurse have a value to advocate effectively for a patient, and to express opinion when something does not seem correct, and to have a positive changing (Jenni , 2016).Nurse is not only a job but it is also a bridge that promoting communication with various professional assistants to build a comfortable environment to lead patients’ recovery. As a nurse. I need to keep progress to form an excellent team work to service a large medical market.       (1300 words)ReferenceAmos, Mary Anne, Jie Hu, & Charlotte A. Herrick. (2005) . The impact of team building on communication and job satisfaction of nursing staff. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development 21, no. 1 : 10-16. Retrieved January , 18 ,2019, from, C. M. (2002). Collaboration between nurses and physicians: No longer a choice. Academic medicine: journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges, 67(5), 295-303. RetrievedJanuary ,19 ,2019, from, JM. (2018). 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