Studying Business management interests as I am interested in understanding how business

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Studying Business management interests, as I am interested in understanding how business manage and have a better understanding of business organisation. Topics that interest me are marketing, communication, business strategy, customer service and finance. Business is a relevant and important factor in today’s society. I want to study business management because it’s interesting and I will not have to keep doing the same kind of work repeatedly. As the business world is changing I am fascinated by and I want to enhance my communication skills and creative solution based thinking. I am ready for this challenge in my life, and know that I will work hard, thrive and develop as a result of undertaking a degree in Business and Management, as well as contribute and give back to my University community.I possess Strong communication and organizational skills and ability to multi-task, a resourceful and proactive team player. Being Punctual and fully focus. Enjoy teamwork simultaneously follows one’s initiative, happy to learn and always ready to help. Being capable and self-motivated who is able to follow instructions without any fuss and handle the situation under pressure dealing with issues in confidential manner.My current studies Health and social care have prepared me for my further education as it has taught me communication skills as in unit 1 we learned about effective communication skills. In Unit 7 as we learned sociology has given me knowledge on issues such as racism, ageism, and sexism in workplaces. Also sociological knowledge on qualitative and quantitative research methods which helped me in analysing evidence and assess the reliability and validity of data and draw trustworthy conclusions. In my work experience, I worked in a nursery. I have gained many different skills from this work placement such as time management skill.My interests and hobbies are going to the gym, socialising with friends and going out to eat. The things I enjoy doing in my spare time is that I like reading books as it helps me to increase my knowledge. I also like playing football with my brothers and sisters as I used to be part of my secondary’s football team, which I still enjoy playing. I also like supporting my siblings with their homework as I like teaching them. I ‘ve written poems and short stories, and like to read non-fiction, which I believe helps me to grow as a person. As an enthusiastic, well-rounded, dedicated student, I feel I have the attributes and genuine passion needed to succeed on a criminology Course and look forward to the many challenges and aspects of life at University.