SWOCC CIS120 Memorandum To Professor Diana Schab

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SWOCC CIS120 Memorandum To: Professor Diana Schab From: Nichole Grover Subject: HWK01 Task C Date: Thursday, September 26th, 2019 In this course we will be navigating our way through many topics in and out of the textbook, and I found many topics that will benefit me in the future. These topics that I am about to list for many reasons will help to guide me through the process of becoming a nurse and answer my questions along the way. As I looked at the IC3 Global Standard 5 I see three different categories those being computer fundamentals, key applications, and living online. Out of each category the topics that stood out to me being the most beneficial were spreadsheets from the key application column, common functionality and emailing clients from the living online column, and hardware from the computer fundamentals column. Being a nurse, I am going to need to learn how to use excel and how to format charts. I will also need to know how to navigate my way through certain websites as wells as learning the etiquette of emailing patients or other health care professionals. Lastly from the computer fundamental column something that will help benefit me in the future and now is knowing the hardware of a computer and the storage etc. I recently went to buy a laptop for school and was confused, I didn’t know what it meant by the certain storage, memory, or even processor. By going through this course, I hope to learn what this all means and how to work a computer properly, so I can be educated later in the computer world. Now looking at our textbook I see lots of valuable information that I will be learning throughout the term, but the chapters that I think will correlate with my topics from the IC3 GS5 would be Chapter 2 and Chapter 4. Chapter 2 is mainly about the actual computer itself and learning the parts. Chapter 4 is application software; it will teach me in depth of how to navigate through programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel. This course is not something I thought I would need to take because I always thought I knew how to go through websites or how to work a Word document, but even reading the first chapter of the book I learned that there is so much more to it and so much more I am going to learn these next upcoming weeks. I am excited to learn more all about it.