The simple definition of behavior by the dictionary is “the way one

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The simple definition of behavior by the dictionary is “the way one acts or conducts oneself especially toward others” in other words our attitude toward each other. Therefore, one behavior or relationship plays a significant role in being a successful team leader. For collaboration practice to successfully exist between a leader and the team mates, an efficient communication and decision-making skills must exist.Team leader or manager must possess some effective change characteristics to be able to successful adapt to changes that occur due to management decision either for an addition of a new working order or a discontinuation of the old ones. It is a common belief that best leaders get accustomed to leading change. Leaders who acquired or possess this change agent, in my opinion, I see as having an inborn gift of leading through changes. Some of the characteristics of an effective change agent these leaders possess are: Creativity, flexibility, courageous, strategic and relational.Creativity in the sense that a good nurse leader must be to bring something new into existence, it is the ability to see a path where others could not figure out. In most cases, changes are the result of creativity. Flexibility is another important change agent, this is whereby the leader allows everyone contribution. All members of the team feel that they belong. It is never my way but our way, and at the end of the final decision, all team members are satisfied of their contribution. In addition, an effective leadership will value the relationship that existed between himself/herself and the rest of the team, either at personal level or professional level to make changes transition be smooth.Being Strategic, is another change agent that a leader must possess to make the transition smooth, such leaders realize that there are steps to take and are very careful of the timing and how to execute the steps effectively. And since during changes comes with a lot of criticism, a good change leadership must have a thick skin. He/she must be able to handle criticism without allowing it to derail their focus. The ability to filter and accept a valid criticism is a valuable assert at this period. Task-oriented behavior are one’s attitude that is expressed in dealing with the task, or the approach we put forward to get the task carried out. This also reflects our attitude towards our work team and how they perceive us carrying out our task. Having said this and based on my personal observation, I noticed my current nurse manager has been efficient in her approach to job by being logical, active and organized. Logical in the sense that she takes her time used clear and sound reasoning to approach any assignment or to arrive at a decision. I noticed in several occasions she will seek advice and do a lot of research on any particular issues to be carried out. For example, recently it was decided from the management to change from the 3-shift schedule to 2-shift schedule. The management was trying cut number of staffs in our unit so they could move the floating nurse to other units that were deficient in number of staffs. My team leader was very careful in agreeing with them, and actually proceeded to do research on the benefits of having 2-shift vs 3-shift. In addition, she went ahead and interviewed managers from other facilities and sought their opinion on the matter before forwarding her recommendation to the management. Being very active is another attribute I will commend my nurse manager. She is always on the go, busy and hard working. Hardly, can you observe her slacking or wasting time around doing nothing. She actually has input this seriousness to the rest of the team, thereby leading to increase productivity. The third attribute my nurse manager possessed was the facts that she was very organized. Being well organized is the basis of well managed and efficient leadership. Job to be attend to, are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. With all these attributes, my nurse manager still falls short of certain behaviors a leader supposed to possess. One such behavior is her being anxious. In my opinion, I believe my nurse manager worried excessively. I relate her worries to fact that she is afraid of failure. In one part I believe it is good. Anxiousness, in mild form has being shown to contribute to preparedness and efficiency. However, when it becomes excessive, it may become detrimental to one’s health and most importantly the success of achieving a set up goal. Though as human we cannot be perfect, but certain quality is expected for good leaderships. Drastic change in mood or being volatile associated with my manager is one of those attributes that will not help a leader to build a coercive working team. A volatile leader is quickly irritated and have a change of attitude often just like my present manager. And the third behavior have a relation with being volatile, actually it could be interchanged for volatility, which is being easily provoked. My nurse manager has a very short temper limit which in most cases causes unreasonable or a prolong argument on things that are unnecessary to waste time on. On my side, I believe one of the three behavior I have mastered overtime is my strife to succeed. Being ambitious has created a stability that makes me to work towards and achieved goals that I set my mind upon. The good example is my current enrollment in this BSN program. I have a set of minds that I want to be successful in life, and I believe to be focus and work towards my aim is best approach to succeed. This same character or behavior is how I approached any given assignment at my present job. Empathy, a very important behavior as a caregiver is an attribute I see very much in myself. The ability to feels others people needs and being able to be there and helpful. I hate to see anyone in pain, either physical, emotional or mentally, my patient inconveniences really bordered me a lot. And I belief as a health care provider, this is a very important behavior that all should mastered. And thirdly, self-confident. Being very sure of oneself, including one desires and unwanted desires. The ability to be focus and knows what one wants in life. In addition, showing competency in my clinical skills as a nurse I have mastered. All these behavior as being very helpful to me as a care provider.However, I believe I am still lacking in some areas of task-oriented behavior. I know sometimes I could be careless in the sense that I rush into things or make decision without properly weighing what the outcomes might be. I know this is a very bad behavior which has caused me disciplinary action from my manager in the past. For example, there was a case where a patient I cared for offered me a gift in the form of gift card, unknowingly or without proper consultation I took the gift. I later discover that it is against the facility rules to obtained any gift from the patient.I also belief, I am rigid in behavior. It takes time and a lot of effort to see things differently from other people. This is another behavior I am really working on to correct in my task-oriented attitudes. And lastly, being too serious or solemn is a behavior that is not helpful as either as team leader or work mate. In summary, Task-oriented behavior mastering is essential to be a good leader or manager. Behavior can often vary depending upon a person’s mood or situation, with actions falling at opposite ends of the spectrum when one or more variables are changed. Having said all these, I believe in democratic approach of leadership, all team members contribution is valued and appreciated.