ABSTRACTEmpowerment is defined as the redistribution of the power that challenges ideology

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ABSTRACTEmpowerment is defined as the redistribution of the power that challenges ideology and make dominant. It is the greater transformation that refrain gender discrimination women empowerment is giving authority to perform the task. If women were empowered so they feel free to participate in decision making and contribute to development and activities. This report focuses on women empowerment through giving her authority at household level. The concept of man as a head is not defined anywhere. This is the main objective study to examine the woman empowerment at the decision making at household level. There is positive relation between the woman empowerment and the decision making at the level of house hold. The data is collected from survey questionnaire sample report of 94 women 76 women were regarding with the decision-making power on the expenditure, income, saving and education of children and decision of marriages. This study shows that there is a positive or a strong relationship between decision authority at the level of house hold. But however, in our society women were not allowed to take decision at household due to cultural norms and other many personal issues of society.Introduction:It is beyond any doubt that women play a significant part in progress of society. History bears the witness to the greatness of women as bright members of society. Even in the going scenario women have stood shoulder to shoulder with men for the betterment of humanity. But, it is unfortunate that their deed has not been accepting in society. In the name of various ritual, customs and practices, women are being deprived of the basic rights. Consequently, women are found in the awful state. The need of hour is to give women firm and business environments that support and welcome them to reform society at a large; a mass movement that Pakistan extra needs to help push it out of Economic and Social dilemma in which it finds itself today.No nation can boom to the prestige without their women were side by side with them” we are victims of evil habitude. It is crime against society and mankind that our women are shut up within the black walls of house as captive.Methodology:Women empowerment is in a national interest. There could be number of ways through which one can get significant results towards the empowerment of a women not only in Pakistan but also around a globe. Women are not only discriminated on a local level but also on a national level. In convergence of women empowerment in Pakistan