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Assignment on Module -1: Introduction, Character Building and Lives of Influential Persons and UIU Rules and Regulations [Tanvir Hasan Tuhin Talukdar ] [ ID: 021 193 017 ] URC 1101: Life Success Skills United International University Date of Submission: [ 06 /10 /2019 ]ASSIGNMENT 01, URC 1101, FALL 201 9 2 Instruction s: 1. Answer the questions in the assignment with your own words. Any copy from any source from your friends or internet will be considered as plagiarism. A software called Turnitin will be used for finding the plagiari sm as similarity index. 2. You must upload your assignment as a PDF document. 3. You must answer within maximum number of words with Times New Roman Font, 11 font size, 1.5 line spacing . 4. The grading of this assignment would follow the rubric/marking criteria given below: Assessment Criteria Condition -1 Condition -2 Condition -3 Condition -4 Condition -5 1. Coverage of the specific points in the questions (40% of the total marks ) Answer all the parts of the questions in full. (90% -100%) Answer most parts of the questions in full. (80% -90%) Answer some parts of the question in full. (70% -80%) Answer some parts of the question partially (50% – 70%) Did not answer most part of it. (below 50%) 2. The approach and way of presenting the answer – (40%) Presentation of the answer is excellent (90% -100%) Presentation of the answer is good (80% -90%) Presentation of the answer is average (70% -80%) Presentation of the answer is below average (50% -70%) Presentation of the answer is poor (below 50%) 3. Grammatical correctness (20%) The writeup is grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes (90% – 100%) The writeup is more or less grammatically correct with few mistakes (80% -90%) The writeup is not grammatically correct (70% -80%) The writeup is full of mistakes (50% -70%) The writeup is very poor (below 50%) 4. Originality of the contents (plagiarism) You cannot copy sentences from any source s such as internet or your friends . Everything needs to be your own writing. Copying sentences from any other source will make your entire assignment to be null and void. The similarity index has to be below 30% for any accid ental matches of words, phrases and references .ASSIGNMENT 01, URC 1101, FALL 201 9 3 Question 01 : Responsibility is one of the character pillars. Answer the foll owing questions within 500 words altogether. [10 marks] i) As a student, what do you consider to be your responsibilitie s? ii) How will you motivate yourself to become a responsible student of UIU? Consider your studies, the rules regulations of UIU, co -curricular and extra -curricular studies and vision of your life. iii) How will your success as a responsible student make you a successful citizen of the country? i) As a responsibility of student, this is the main motto of the student meaning of this word in Sanskrit is the study of the students only. Student life is the word of knowledge and science from where student will learn something new and by applying this knowledge, I will enter in to a future career . I want to make in a healthy quality, beautiful environment. I have to develop that mentality from my student of the main tasks of the student is not to limit the tex tbook. There is a lot of learning beyond the textbook that will help them to gain real knowledge. ii) That it is possible for achieve our goals that you can make our dreams a reality and that you have to go our own and can’t let anyone interfere with it you form these beliefs in our subconscious. Motivate myself in educational institutions student are not just taught to pass the exam. the moral values and etiquette, ethical values make a student honest, dutiful, courteous hard working and above all a beautiful character. We want morality to grow as a real person etiquette and courtesy make the student an extra gentle man and gentle char acter. The support receives teachers to classmate’s student wi th moral values and courtesy the nation to a better future. Therefore, the student has a co -curricular and extra -curricular to achieve the moral values. iii) Success as a responsible student are a conscious citizen of a country. Although the study is the main goal of the studen t responsibilities and duties in the social field help the country to follow the right path. There a re many poor disadvantage families in our country. where only one member is educated due to the socioeconomic in frastructure of our coun try it is not possible to provide adequate employment to the student thus student community should create a new workplace. If educated youth utilize my talents and labor in agricultural work fisheries lives tock farming, nursery ets. The n t he development unemployment will decrease.ASSIGNMENT 01, URC 1101, FALL 201 9 4 Question 02 : Write ten (10) learning lessons and inspiration s for your life from the videos posted in the Module -1 Section of elms course website. Refer the video number and the context of the video related to the lesson. You should cover as many videos as possible . Word limit is maximum 500 words. [10 marks] Learn ing l esson a nd Inspiration for our life in t he module -1 secti onASSIGNMENT 01, URC 1101, FALL 201 9 5 Question 03 : Among the 100 most influential persons of the world listed in the book “The 100” by Michael Heart, who do you consider to be your role model? How his role in the world is aligned to your role in your vision of your own life? In what ways will you influence the world? Word limit is maximum 500 words. [10 marks]ASSIGNMENT 01, URC 1101, FALL 201 9 6 Question 0 4: Our lives consist of habit. It is easy to grow bad habits but difficult to live with. On the other hand, it is difficult to grow good bad habit but easy live by. In fact, good habits such as good morning habits, study habits, work habits make a man successful. Answer the following: [5 marks] i) List some (2 to 4) of the bad habits that you have. Pick one that you would change at the en d of this course. How would you change it? ii) Common skills such as swimming, driving, typing, preparing a good power point slides, etc., are necessary for success. Choose one skill that you would develop at the end of this course Evidences of success of the above two questions at the end of this cou rse would fetch you extra 5 -point bonus mark for this course. i) Group study There are many different methods o follow in group study, so let me talk about a method deve loped by a friend of min e. In this way e ach chapter will be read by a number of people who will read each chapter o f the book. The next day whoever reads the chapter will give a briefing on that chap ter a nd the rest will hear it take notes if necessar y. This method id especially useful for moments before the test and if there is a back to bac k test, then in my opinion this method has no alternative. ii) Choos ing typing: In real life we have to write a lot for official reasons, to keep a document and to publish it ourselves. all of us who are studying or working, have earned degrees, certificates, and these are the main part of the exam. Student life is a good time to i mprove your writing skills, because there is a lot of compulsion to write . Student life is a good time to improve your writing skills, because at this time, there is a lot to write about. One of the biggest soft skills is the interest in learning and tryin g to apply it. At the end of our university studies we often feel arrogant about ourselves, not wanting to learn anything from ourselves, which is a trap. Only when I start thinking about myself will I lose interest in learning. Can’t proceed without a car eer or a life lesson. It’ll teach, but I don’t know. If our minds are not ready to learn something new, I cannot move myself forward.ASSIGNMENT 01, URC 1101, FALL 201 9 7