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It started in the brewery, was a complete Foolery, she was gifted 69 jewellery until she got a foetus in her ovulary.Gave up on her dreams, bathed in the steam, she nurtured her womb for 8 months and day sixteen.Her water burst, and here came the family’s first. But the doctor cursed to loudly coerced “Don’t stop pushing, twin on it’s way”, said the 54 year old nurse.Couldn’t bear the pain, but she did not die in vain, gave birth to a boy and a girl, both absolutely healthy and sane.They grew up with love nothing like maternal, and one fine day they got their birth mother’s journal.“I was just 13 years old when I was made a bride, I cried, cried and cried, but I had nobody by my side.I was 16 when I had you in my womb, and I was recklessly beaten with a flat broom.I wanted to get you abort, but I was threatened to be kicked down from the fort.Then I knew I was either way going to die, but I wanted to peacefully fly high.I tell you today that Love is something that everyone deserve and Love is another word to give, share and serve.So please be Brave, you have a million 13-years old to save.”The boy educated up to be a gynaecologist, girl a socialist, when they realised their worth, Philanthropy was their calling nerve.Served village to village, had sleepless nights, with a hungry stomach, they only had their mother’s journal in sight.To every girl they said, lil one your future too can be bright because equality, dignity and freedom from discrimination are all your RIGHTS.In a country where acid attacks, child marriage, domestic violence, dowry, female infanticide and sex-selective abortions, honor killing, accusation of witchcraft, Rape, is a daily occurring event, did we forget what our values meant?Living in the fuck all (my french) society’s fake dorms, did we forget our deep rooted rights and norms?But there is still a tombstone with words engraved, “Although my life was in locked chains, but I did not die in Vain, I did not die in vain!