CNC 220 Practicum MidtermFinal ReviewSeneca College International Nursing Post Graduate Certificate ProgramSemester

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CNC 220 Practicum Midterm/Final ReviewSeneca College International Nursing Post Graduate Certificate ProgramSemester 2:Practicum Midterm Progress/Final ReviewStudent Name: Harpreet Kaur Agency and Type of Unit: Reactivation care centerStudent Number: 131672172 Date: A number of days or hours missed: A number of Days Late: MIDTERM: Progressing well□ Collaborative success plan required□FINAL GRADE: Satisfactory □ Unsatisfactory □Supervisor: Supervisor Signature: Students Signature: Date Final Review Discussed: Copy Given to Student: Additional Information Attached: Learning Outcomes Defining Characteristics/Performance Indicators Comments Comments1. Establish caring-healing relationships with culturally diverse clients and their families. CNO 26• I demonstrated My knowledge in health science, including anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology. I bring my knowledge into consideration regarding pathophysiology and pharmacology during my patient care• I administered medications to the patient by checking three identifiers and eights rights of the patient to avoid medication error• I maintain a therapeutic relationship with my client and I demonstrated empathetic listening during my interaction, which showed my willingness to help him.• I communicate with the clients in a simple and polite way. I demonstrated myself as an active listener during the interaction. I eliminate discrimination and maintain highly respectful culture while dealing with clients at health care setting CNO 74• I demonstrated advocacy for change where client care is impeded and promote well being of the client by showing a willingness to any change • I seek new information by demonstrating a positive attitude towards learning to enhance, support and maintain competency in practice Progress well□ Required focus □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing StudentI introduce my self to the health care team as well to my assigned patient and I provide brief information regarding my appropriate professional destination SAT □UNSAT □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing Student:I was accountable for my patient and I demonstrated responsibilities by completing assigned work on timeIndividual Performance Midterm Progression Final EvaluationLearning Outcomes Defining Characteristics/Performance Indicators Comments Comments2. Provide client-centered care for individuals with complex health conditions. Demonstrate clinical decision-making and critical thinking informed by current evidence and nursing theory. CNO 49• I work in collaboration with my co-assigned nurse to provide safe competent care by identifying potential health problems for clients and their consequencesCNO 37• I promote patient involvement in identifying his health needs and strengths. I am able to identify the significance of normal and abnormal finding by using my theoretical and clinical knowledgeI checked the vital sign of my patient and his blood pressure was 160/85mmhg. when I reviewed the patient chart then I come to know that patient having a medical history of hypertension. I report unusual findings in a timely fashion and document inpatient electronic health record.CNO 39• My co assign nurse gave me reports of my patient. We gather information regarding my patient by using assessment skills such as observation, history taking, interview, and physical assessment. We access patient chart and mars to compare physician order. I read medical books to seek new information related to patient condition, which enhances competence in practice. • I collected information on the determinants of health and other factors affecting the client’s health situation, including physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual and applied thermotical knowledge during the assessment of the patient• I Demonstrated an ability to apply knowledge of evidence-based practice by utilizing rational skills during patient care as the foundation for nursing practice Progress well□ Required focus □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing StudentI demonstrate critical thinking to develop a nursing care plan and ensuring that my nursing practice is evidence-based SAT □UNSAT □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing Student:I maintained a therapeutic relationship with my patient and work in collaboration with health care teamIndividual PerformanceMidterm Progression Final EvaluationLearning Outcomes Defining Characteristics/Performance Indicators Comments Comments3. Demonstrate professional responsibility and accountability in classroom and practicum settings. CNO 10• I used critical inquiry in my reflection to seek new knowledge and technologies which enhance my knowledge and demonstrated supportive nursing practice.CNO 2• I demonstrated my capability by recognizing individual competence within the legislated scope of practice. while providing patient care, I monitored patient oxygen saturation which was less than 85%. I Recognise client condition beyond the current level of competency and I seek assistance immediately from my co-assigned nurse to provide effective care to a patientCNO 86• I demonstrated ethical responsibilities by maintaining confidentiality in all forms of communication and respect client rights “right to privacy to develop trust and respect.CNO 62• I Implemented safe practices during patient care and provide medication to the patient by following evidence-informed medication practicesCNO 100• I prepared learning care plan on how to prevent nosocomial infection in the health care setting and I achieved my goals with the help of CNO safe practice guidelinesI demonstrated professionalism by obeying instructions of my clinical instructor ,by reached on time, wore proper dress and submitted all assignments on the time Progress well□ Required focus □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing StudentI review a list of common medications and read current research studies to seek new information and to provide safe competent care by using new knowledgeI keep all worksheets into a shredded box to maintain the confidentiality of the patient. SAT □UNSAT □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing Student:I ensured I completed all responsibilities in a safe and timely manner by ensuring 3 identifier and 8 patient rights before medication administration to prevent medication error4. Differentiate the nurse’s role from other health care professional roles through nursing theoretical knowledge. CNO 42• I worked in collaboration with my co-assigned nurse and other health team members to identify actual and potential client health care needs, strengths, capacities of my patient and prepared health care plan to provide evidenced-based careCNO 45• I Used critical thinking to support professional judgment and evidence-informed decision making to develop health care plansCNO 40• I am able to make nurse care plan by analyzing and interrupting data obtained during the patient assessmentCNO 100• I Demonstrated continuing competency by making reflection paper on one’s practice which provides me competence to identify my learning needs (b) I prepared a learning plan using a variety of sources like (self-evaluation and feedback from my assigned nurse and clinical instructor ….. Progress well□ Required focus □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing StudentI provided health teaching to my patient with the assistance of my clinical instructor and facilitated appropriate involvement of the patient. I gave brief information about condition and diet plan SAT □UNSAT □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing Student:I used reflective practice as a tool to enhance competency in health practices by receiving feedback from the co-assigned nurse and clinical instructor 5. Demonstrate skillful application of simple nursing therapeutics that meet the current CNO Entry to Practice Competencies. CNO 50• I Collaborates with other health care team members to develop effective, comprehensive and individualized health care plans for each patient that promote continuity care for clients as they receive conventional, social, complementary and alternative health careCNO 54,• I Utilized my knowledge of theories and frameworks relevant to health and healing during patient care.• I Provide daily care to my assigned patient and performed head to toe assessment CNO73• I documented client care and data obtained during assessment in clearly, concisely and accurately in-patient record I prepared a nursing care plan on my patient by considering subjective and objective data and clearly articulate rationale to support all nursing interventions . Progress well□ Required focus □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing StudentFirst, I reviewed the patient chart to get baseline data. I performed head o toe assessment and closely monitor the patient condition. I reported unusual findings to my co-assigned nurse and clinical instructor. On the basis of the current status of the patient, I prepared individualized health care plan to provide safe competent care. SAT □UNSAT □Clinical Supervisor:Nursing Student:I documented patient care and its ongoing evaluation .documenion was double checked by my clinical instructor as per unit protocols ……..