During the earlies history of the United States women were being denied

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During the earlies history of the United States, women were being denied by many rights which were being enjoyed by men, they were facing discrimination because of their sex, and they were also excluded from educational opportunities and many jobs caused because of the lack of the right and equality. The year of the 1920s had many significant movements, but there is one that I learned, and impacted me which occurred on August 1920s, the day in which the United States agree to pass the 19th amendment to give women what they always wanted to have, the right to vote, and their participation as citizens. However, this decision came with bigger changes such as the contribution of women during the WWI such as women working on factories, and, on the medical field working as nurses. In fact, After World War during the 1920s and 1930s Women felt that the 19th amendment wasn’t enough since they wanted to have more than what was being offered for society, so they decided to keep fighting for more rights; as a result of their fighting, the Edwardian women suffragettes movement was created with the same goals and purposes for their rights, and they started to get involved into political which made Congress passed the 19th amendment which impacted the whole country by allowing women to have more opportunities in society. Question: 2 My impression from the Great Depression was that it caused unstable economy, and overproduction of agricultural products in the world. form 1929 through the late 1930s, other countries in Europe were already suffering from the Great Depression due of their debts from WWI, which in the other hand, made the United States stock market to collapse due to overdue of materials by leaving a high rate of unemployment as well as the country importation. Next, Germany was ruled by Hitler which came to be the top political country thanks to their access of conquered other countries. The new deal consisted of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), NRA (National Recovery Administration), and CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) were created in the early 1930s, which brought a recovery by reducing unemployment and boosting industry which was a very significant reason. However, according to the History textbook, President Roosevelt called it “a new deal from the American people” (Richland History Textbook). Roosevelt’s plan was to save the countries’ economy from the Great depression. Alpha Agencies were set up to help combat the great depression, with the purpose to provide work rather than provide dole to millions of people. One of the more successful agencies was the CCC which provided work for three million unemployment men paying one dollar a day and board and lodge this particular alphabet agency also helped the environment.