During WW2 civilians were in an awful situation They were the main

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During WW2, civilians were in an awful situation. They were the main target of bomb droppings, and concentration camp prisoner. Millions of civilians were separated from there families due to invasions, and left homeless with no way of survival. If there were to be a WW2 museum, the effect of the war on civilians would have to be included because, civilians had to go through horrible events. Destruction of houses, factories, railways and in general all kind of infrastructures needed to get food, shelter, sanitation and jobs. These destructions affected the civilians in a specific hard way because as a consequence they weren’t able to obtain the necessary means to survive. During WW2, Nazis would gather jews and put them into concentration camps. There, they were treated like they were nothing, they would get no food, no hygiene products, and no medicine if you were sick. According to Historia.com, ‘’During the war, the Brits lived with the everyday fear of experiencing a violent death at every single moment. WW2 could have effectively destroyed the British society and its entire political existence, but it actually transformed it into something new. The experience of war very much changed how the people perceived the state and its involvement in their lives.’’ Civilians in Britain were cowering in fear , just waiting for the war to end. As said in the quote, WW2 literally could have destroyed britain’s society and its entire political existence. Also during this time, the british civilians had to ration lots of food so they wouldn’t run out in a short period of time. Civilians were on the peak of their death, mostly because of starvation, or combat wounds. Many women during WW2 were left home with the children, and they were rarely used in the actual war. The main use for women in the war at the time were nurses to help heal wounded warriors. But later on, lives for women changed dramatically as a result of the war. They now had the chance to volunteer for new jobs including driving trucks and buses, opening cranes, radio operators and many more satisfying jobs. German shelling brought about thousands being left destitute and thousands being slaughtered. Kids would be stranded while a whole street of houses would be diminished to rubble living individuals to confront whatever remains of the war destitute. Amid the Barrage, the departure of kids to the nation started. Individuals living in the nation were not as helpless against air assaults as individuals in the urban communities. Consequently the nation was viewed as an a lot more secure spot to live. Amid the Barrage about two million kids were moved to towns in the nation.The reason why the effect of WW2 on civilians should be in a history museum is because people are able to see the traumatizing events that innocent people had to go through. Looking at the entire event as a whole can really open up your eyes into looking back into the past, and can help people understand more of the past. Looking at what the civilians went through can show you what the past was like, and so many questions pop up into your head thinking of how this could have been prevented. The past is so important to us in the future because we want to know how to prevent this kind of stuff from ever happening again. This is the reason why WW2 on civilians should be in a museum.