Estuary Ecosystem Troy olowatobi EdebiriOur Lady of Angels School6th gradeDay made on1152019Estuaries

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Estuary Ecosystem Troy olowatobi EdebiriOur Lady of Angels School6th gradeDay made on:11/5/2019Estuaries are places like rivers and streams, estuaries are rivers that have fresh water and salt water meeting the fresh water when the estuary reaches the ocean and turns to salt water. Estuaries are also called, “nurses of the sea” they have that title because they help remove bad chemicals,dirt and pollution from damaging the estuary. It can be located by the ocean when the fresh water turns into salt water. PLANTS Plants in estuaries have a good part in the estuary, when it’s the dry season (summer) there are more salt! They are even saltier than the ocean itself! I bet, if you taste the salt from the ocean and estuary salt water, the estuary water would have more salt! (please do not eat salt because there’s a lot of sodium in salt and it’s not good for your health) but anyways, there’s one plant that lives in estuaries thats called, the pickle weed, the pickle weed can absorb a lot of salt so it will not damage the estuary if the pickle weed absorbs too much salt, it can die from the salt that the pickle weed absorbs. ANIMALSMy types of animals live in estuaries, the animals that are thirsty come and drink from it if the water is too salty, the animals would drink a lot of sodium and not feel good. The animals I would see in an estuary, fish, crabs, shells, raccoons opossums, foxes, and etc… There are also creatures in the mud hiding worms,mussels, and shrimp that is how the birds dive down and grab those types of creatures and eat them. Birds including flamingos, cranes, and swans.OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS TELL ABOUT ESTUARIES One great important thing to tell is that to “maintain” the fish population, it creates barriers that help protect fish, shells, crabs and other creatures from getting hurt and protecting them storms,hurricanes, and other dangerous hazards that will hurt the estuary and/or the rest of the creatures that in the estuaries.