Fatal Attraction Fatal Attraction is an intense psychological thriller that keeps you

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Fatal Attraction Fatal Attraction is an intense psychological thriller that keeps you hooked as every second goes by. The movie starts with a happily married man, Dan Gallagher who has a successful job in a lawn firm, a daughter, and a stunning wife. On a weekday evening Dan and his wife Beth attend a business party. During this party he ends up meeting Alex Forrest, a newly hired editor for the law firm that Dan works under. From the minute Alex set her eyes on Dan you can tell that she will be making it her goal to get to know him. Dan eventually ends up inviting Alex to dinner on a weekend that his wife and daughter are out of town. Things spiral out of control as he makes the devastating mistake of cheating on his wife with this woman. It isn’t long before a different side of Glen is revealed as she suffers from borderline personality disorder. This mental illness along with all the other mental illnesses relates to the course material that we are learning in class. Being that one-day I will eventually become a nurse there is always a possibility that I will encounter a patient that suffers from a mental disorder. This movie allowed me to see the displayed behavior that our book covers in regards to someone who suffers from borderline personality disorder. It shows appropriate and not appropriate communication techniques that should be used when engaging with someone who suffers from this disorder. There are numerous scenes that display the mental illness that Alex suffers from. The first scene displays her impulsive seductive sexual behavior that she engages in while in the elevator as her and Dan are on their way up to her apartment. Alex barley knows Dan and immediately upon entering the elevator she tosses herself at him like furious cat attacking her prey. This behavior isn’t very common for those that do not suffer from mental disorders. In regards to our textbook individuals who suffer from this disorder engage in impulsive seductive behaviors just as Alex displayed the mentioned scene. The next scene displays the demanding and attention seeking behavior that our book mentions as well. Dan wakes up panicking after his night out with Alex because he has to leave since his wife will be back the following morning. Alex’ s immediately lashes out with a complete change in moods. At first she was very loving towards done as she caressed him as he slept the minute he stated he was leaving a switch turned on in Alex causing her mood to switch and she lashed out. She expresses in an irritable manner stating that she feels as if Dan constantly tries to run away after making love. Furthermore she clings on to him telling him that he isn’t leaving as she tears his shirt and smacks him numerous times. This specific behavior again is described according to our textbook. The third scene becomes even more intense as she portrays destructive behavior that our book mentions is very common to see in individuals who suffer from this disorder. As Dan continues to get ready to leave Alex calls him into the kitchen for a goodbye. As soon as Dan steps into the kitchen Alex wraps her arms around him telling him she is sorry if she upset him and once again her impulsive seductive behavior is brought out again as she tries to seduce him. Dan becomes a bit overwhelmed and attempts to move her hands away from his face and soon realizes that she has cut her wrist. Her attention, impulsive, manipulating behavior and seductive behavior are definitely well displayed in this scene. The last intense scene occurs in the end when Alex breaks in to Dan’s house in attempt to kill his wife due to the fact that she desperately wants Dan’s attention. Alex is unable to seek the attention she desires because Dan’s wife, Beth is in the way, and Alex is desperate to get her out of the picture in order to get back Dan’s attention forever. She attempts to kill Beth due to her extreme infatuation to seek the attention at all cost but unfortunately ends up loosing her life. This behavior definitely correlates along within the material that is mentioned in our book. The treatment for borderline personality disorder involves medications such as antidepressants, antianxiety, antipsychotics, and the individuals will also participate in behavioral therapy to correct the erratic behavior and learn appropriate coping mechanisms. If the patient is behavior is severe they can be admitted into an in patient psychiatric facility. If I had watched this film prior to taking this course I would have just assumed that Alex was crazy stalker who was just infatuated with Dan. Now that I have I have a better understanding on psychological disorders it was awesome to be able to correlate the material learned in class and actually see the behavior associated with borderline personality disorder unravel throughout the film. I understand the reason of why she acted the way she acted throughout and to Alex it made sense just as it makes sense to me know that I know the signs and symptoms of this disorder. I hope that as I continue to learn that I am able to make more correlations as I further my