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DraftThere is a shortage in every sector in the medical field, from nurses to providers with having such a deficit in the healthcare industry that is offering to hire bonuses to fill in the open positions that they have. Having a policy in place that would help recruit more trained providers would improve the impact of provider and nursing shortage. Another suggestion would be to have a system you can hire a new nurse or provider as soon as they put in their notice could help. Usually, you will have to wait for approval to rehire. U.s Senator Tammy Baldwin has suggested that the legislation help with this issue with the shortage of providers that work for the VA (Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc, 2014). This bill would help get more providers into the VA to help with veterans having to wait a long time for an appointment. The statement that she has suggested would improve the workforce and make sure that veterans would keep getting the best care promptly. The bill that she as calls Veterans Affairs Health Work coerce Enhancement Act because areas that the legislation is working on are our mental health and your primary care providers (Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc, 2014). Besides the shortage of physicians in the VA, other hospitals, clinics, and healthcare companies are feeling the burned of being short staffed. The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) says by the year 2025 there will be anywhere between 61,000-94,700 shortage of physicians. This has only an estimate these numbers could go up, or they could do down. It would be nice to know if there was a more significant shortage in primary care or specialty care (Medical Staff Briefing, 2016). With the lack of nurses is not being able to attend a nursing school. They are forced to wait until they have an opening before they can start their nursing program. Just alone in 2016 the United States school that had nursing programs had to turn away 64,076 applicants from there graduate and baccalaureate programs. Due they did not have the staff to teach those nurses wanting to further their education correctly. Some of the other this was clinical sites, and classroom space, and having preceptors. With such a higher amount according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing says that most of the RN working nurses are 50 years of age and older. This will be hard when these nurses are close to retirement. The prediction is that in the next ten years about one million RN would be at retirement age. One thing that The State of Minnesota is doing to help with the nursing shortage and to get more properly schooled is, “The University of Minnesota is partnering with the Minnesota VA Health Care Systems to expand enrollment of the BSN program” (Rosseter, 2017, p 6). This will help get more nurses trained to become nurses and will also improve care for the Veterans (Rosseter, 2017). There is a shortage of physicians the Affordable care act will have the growth of patients growing at a faster rate they physicians according to the Kaiser Family Foundation that we need 8073 more primary care physicians to help with just the shortage in the United States .One thing that can impact primary care physicians is that they are only working at a part-time rate and seeing fewer patients. One thing that needs to be done is in medical school need to have a good residency program. To have young doctors choose primary care. Some of the ways that you could get a younger provider to decide to go to primary care can have them spend more time with a patient and being able to see more patients a day. For example, a primary care provider will see an acute patient that has the flu let’s say every 15 minutes will have a new patient. This also could have an impact on not only the patients but also human resources. It could take one of two ways negative impact would be the patient could have the feeling of being rushed through their appointment and not getting all the answers to the medical issues going on. A positive impact would be the provider could see more patient’s in the day for small things like strep throat or the flu. But Human resources might feel like they need to hire more providers to keep up with the demand of all the patient loads. (Fodeman & Factor, 2015).The World Health Statistics Report says there are about 29 million nurses and midwives the in the world. The United States only makes a small dent on that total. Almost 4 million are in the United States. Within the next two years, the health care system will need to have more nurses that are trained to take care of a patient. A manager will need to make sure that they are staffed correctly to take care of the patient loads. This way nurses don’t leave and get burned out. Also, need to make sure that patients are getting the correct care and quality care. We will need to have 1 million more nurses. Some of the issues that face the nursing shortage is not having professors in the school to teach the new nurses (Haddad & Toney-Butler, 2018).Some other issues are nursing has and will always have a high turnover. This is something that current employers need to work on, so nurses don’t get burnt out so fast. Being staffed correctly can help with this burnout. One other thing that can do is make sure you are taking care of your employees. There is also the turnover of the older generation is retiring. This then has a shortage of nurses that are trained and can show new nurses and teach them things they know. One of best things you can have a new nurse is someone that been a nurse for a long time. There is so much that you can learn from them (Haddad & Toney-Butler, 2018).It will also be hard to make sure that all the policy is being implemented, not only do you have to make sure that the business is making money so that they can stay open. You will also need to make sure that the nursing staff is trained and taking care of. You will also have to go to the provider side and make sure you are doing the same thing. One thing is to make sure that you are listing to your staff needs and want. To get this policy in place will be a long road you will need to have not only your providers on board but also nurses and leadership. With provider push back this will be hard. Having barriers in place but having fewer restrictions in place would help ReferencesFederal Information & News Dispatch, Inc. (20014, July 24). U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Introduces Bill to Address VA Medical Staff Shortage. Retrieved October 30, 2018, from, J., MD, & Factor, P., DO. (2015, August). 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