Hello Love Goodbye talks about the struggles of being a young OFW

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Hello, Love, Goodbye talks about the struggles of being a young OFW. Joy who graduated as a nurse but end up being a domestic helper in Hongkong, she worked hard to make a choice for herself. Sometimes she breaks down and imagining the life where in she can provide enough for her family and a job that suits her nursing degree. Ethan who is a bartender in Hong Kong, has three years left before receiving his Hong Kong residency. Whereas being a young OFW is not easy as people may know, they experience dark days given that sometimes, they don’t get enough sleep and they work hard to sustain their family needs.There is nothing you cannot do for family. In the movie Joy works very hard for her family, she did everything just to give the needs and wants of her family. “I just really need the money for my family” this line where in she was begging her boss not the fire here because she need the money and negotiate with her boss about her salary. It shows how desperate she was to have money. In the line “Do you know what I go through in this job, just so I can support everyone” tells about the sacrifice that she did and all the sleepless nights she encountered to be able to have enough money.Know your priorities. In the movie it tells about on how we should know our priorities. Joy put her family first before anyone else that caused her to sacrifice her relationship. In the line where Ethan messaged Joy “Need a friend today” she replied “Need money, not friend” she already knows her priorities and her goal in her life. Ethan prioritize his girlfriend before and end up being dumped and sacrifice his family’s needs. In life, sometimes we don’t get the things we want at the same time, we gain and lose something. That’s why we need to know what to prioritize first before anything else.