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Conflict 1 Conflict ResolutionSamuel PuvandiChamberlain College of NursingJanuary 26, 2019Conflict 2Conflict ResolutionWhenever a group of people work together, there is always going to be some conflict. We are all raised up differently from one another. Some of us are from different cultures. Conflicts can be hard to resolve, but we should be able to deal with it so that our patient can be happy and satisfied with their care. As stated in “Leadership and Management for Nurses,” conflict is having views that are different and do not seem to be easy to resolve.” Conflict can also be good because if a leader collaborates with others and they reach to one agreement, we can learn to respect other opinions. The most common conflict we have in our nursing home is shortage of staff. Shortage of staff has caused a lot of problems for the workers and patients. As stated in “Nursing home staff shortage endangers elderly”, “the working conditions and the standard of care in aged care facilities in ACT facilities cannot keep going the way it is going or there is going to be multiple deaths, there is going to be multiple serious illness.” We have reported this issue to the human resources, but they don’t know how to solve this issue. They are not listening to us. They are doing what they think might help us, but it is not working. If we cannot manage the conflict, our nursing home will close. There are other care homes that are getting close in other parts of the world. For example, as stated in “Nursing staff shortages force 19 care homes to close in a year” “Almost 100 homes have shut since 2007, 19 of them during the 12 months to April last year. There are 37,278 care home beds in Scotland, down by 468 since 2016 and down 800 since 2008.” The problems that shortage of staff has caused for workers and patients are: scheduling conflicts, work related injuries, and work-related errors.Shortage of staff has caused scheduling conflicts, because nurses are forced to work overtime when other staff call out. Sometimes agency nurses come in to relieve the full-time nurses. The agency nurse is not used to the patient, and most of the times the patient refuses to Conflict 3take meds and care from the agency nurse because they want their regular nurse to take care of them. This situation has caused some patients to be sent out to the emergency room because they refuse to take their seizure medication.Shortage of staff has caused work related injuries because there are times when the nurse has to give medication to 35 patients and also help the CNA with her work, because they are also short of staff too. Having a heavy workload for one nurse has caused many to have back injuries, and pain in their legs from standing for long hours.Shortage of staff has caused a lot of work-related errors because the nurse is tired. Most nurses that are forced to work 16 hours will sign their name in the wrong spot after giving patient medications. They will give the wrong medication to a patient because they don’t follow the six right of medication. Also, they will get themselves stuck with the needle because of lack of concentration. All of these shortage of staff issues have caused many nurses to quit the job. I also quit the job a year ago because I had a very bad experience at that nursing home. I was scheduled to work 7 to 3 shifts as a nurse. When I went to work only one CNA was at work. The other nurse called out. There were seventy patients total in the building. I called the Director of Nursing to come and help us. She came and she sat at the front desk to answer the phone and gave meds to 35 patients. I gave meds to 35 patients that day and also doing treatments, and A.M. care. When I went home, I was so tired and exhausted. I called out the next day because I was feeling leg pain and my whole body was hurt. The next time I went to work, my Director of nursing called me to show me the mistake I made on that day. I forgot to sign off on a lot of medication that I gave. After that I gave her my two weeks’ notice because I couldn’t continue to work in that kind of situation anymore. Conflict 4According to “Leadership and Management for nurses “there are three types of conflict which are: individual, interpersonal and intergroup/organization conflict. Individual conflict is conflict a person have with yourself. They individual have role conflict. The individual does not understand the responsibility of another staff. So he might think the other staff is not doing his job, when in reality it was not his responsibility as stated in Leadership and Management For nurses. Interpersonal conflict is conflict that occurs between people. Intergroup/ organizational conflict “occur between teams, health care professional , agencies, community and healthcare provider organization as stated in Leadership and Management for nurses.” The Shortage of nurses in my nursing home is an intergroup /organization conflict. It is a group conflict because the human resources and owner of the nursing home are responsible for this conflict. Several complaints have been told to them about the heavy workload on each nurse and how it is negatively affecting the health of the patient. They are not doing the right things to stop it. All they care about is saving money and getting a big bonus at the end of the year. Furthermore, as stated in the “Leadership and Management for Nurses” the four stages of conflict are: Latent , perceived, felt and manifest conflict. The first stage is the Latent conflict. Latent conflict is anticipating that there is a potential for conflict to exist but has not yet happened. For example, every time before going to work I will tell my parents that I might stay and work a double shift if they need me to work another shift. The second stage of conflict is perceived conflict. In Perceived conflict an individual will have an awareness that conflict exists. For example, as soon as I get to the parking lot and see how empty it is I will have an awareness that our nursing home might be short staffed. The third stage of conflict is Felt conflict. In felt conflict an individual will start having a feeling about the conflict. As soon as I open the door of our nursing home and see that the nursing station is empty, I will have a feeling that we are going Conflict 5to be short staffed. Last stage of conflict is Manifest conflict. The conflict already exists, and person ignore the policy. Instead of doing the five rights of medication administration before passing meds to the patient, you just do two rights and give the medication to patient. You have a lot of work to do.There are many ways to deal with conflicts. First, if there is a way to prevent it from happening, then people should do it. Also, not all conflict can be prevented. With some conflict, a person just has to manage it and try to resolve it. One of the best ways to deal with conflict is through collaboration and effective communication. Have a meeting and ask everyone about their opinions. A leader should respect his or her workers’ opinions. By respecting their opinions this can empower them. As stated in Leadership and Management, “true empowerment gives the staff the right to choose how to address issues with the manager.” Also as stated in Leadership and Management for a nurse leader to collaborate with other nurse he need to have good negotiation skills. The negotiation skills are: “Negotiate for agreements, separate people from positions, establish mutual trust and respect, Avoid one sided or personal gains, allow time for expressing the interest of each side/party, listen actively during the process, and acknowledge what is being said.”Finally, the conflict in my nursing home where I was working can be solved if they prevent it from happening. The leaders should collaborate with other workers. They should call a general meeting and try to listen to the workers. First of all, they should increase the salary so that workers can stay. Next, they should have experienced preceptors to teach new nurses that they hire. They should give new nurses longer orientation time so that they can be comfortable. They should give new nurses bonuses for staying for more than six months. They should also Conflict 6decrease the patient to staff ratio. Instead of having 35 patients to one nurse, make it 20 patients to one nurse. Conflict 7ReferencesABC Premium new (2007).Nursing home staff shortage endangers elderly. Retrieved from, A. (2016). Leadership and management for nurses: Core competencies for quality care (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.Helen P,(2018). Nursing Staff Shortages Force 19 care homes to close in a year. Retrieved from https://eds-a dmUmc2NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3d#AN=7EH141509610&db=n5h