I have always known that l wanted to make a change in

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I have always known that l wanted to make a change in a person’s life and grew fonder into nursing as the years progressed. I am interested in becoming a nurse as my personal career and be able to take care of people. I want to become a nurse in order for me to use the various aspects of my personality and character. I am interested with all the changes that come with the job title. What l loves the most is that this opportunity l will continue learning and developing better skills, and techniques along the way. I also want to become the type of nurse that will be remembered by keeping the highest quality of work to patients and people in general. Attending the Erasmus program will provide me with the skills and knowledge l need to make my dream a reality.One day in order for me to be a good nurse, it all starts with a single step of becoming as a student nurse before. I have done two years in the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and managed to obtain an Auxiliary Nurse certificate. I find this as a one of my achievements l have attentained in life. Previously l have worked in hospital setting, care of the elderly, paediatric, preschools, clinic such as infectious diseases, wound care and also got the opportunity to address patients on healthcare issues affecting the modern day and how it can be prevented and/or managed. In some cases l would be given the opportunity l would do the doctors rounds in hospitals for patients that where admitted. My moving beginning of the year to Ireland l have managed to be a volunteer for organisations such as Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and also did three weeks with Integration of all Children in Ireland (IACI). My experience with the volunteer work l did it has taught me another skill or passion that l did not know l had of having to connect with people of different age groups and lower oneself to be on the same level of understanding.In college and class l try by all means to share the knowledge l have with my fellow classmates. I have this rule (motto) of never underestimating or looking down on you without having to try out anything in life even when it gets tough. Personally l have experienced various care roles in different situation. I have learnt to adapt to different situations. For instance l had to learn the new educational system at first l started doubting myself why l had rushed back into studying without learning the cultural background first then l remembered my motto in life and it keeps me going strong by each day. I have learnt the essence of teamwork and have improved my communication skills too.My interests are jogging and l have completed a couple of races including the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and the Longford Mini Marathon representing my running team the sanctuary park runners. I do have leadership skills that l proved when l was teaching a make-up class and also assisted with swimming instructor with the swimming classes she hosted for immigration families in the Reception Center in Finglas. In high school l was the chairperson if the debate society that represented the whole school and had to give a detailed feedback to the Principal if we had to go out of town. I am adaptable to different situations, surroundings and methods. I am hoping to be given the chance to be able to use all of these skills and learnings with my career in the field of nursing.