Is Boris Johnson’s ‘Get Brexit Done’ Pledge a Failure?Aditya Dedhia •November 2

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Is Boris Johnson’s ‘Get Brexit Done’ Pledge a Failure?Aditya Dedhia •November 2, 2019•5 Minute ReadAs expected from this wafflingand stubborn lunatic, Johnsonaims at sorting Brexit through a general election, with the intention of regaining his conservative majority. It came to no surprise that he lost his vote. Johnson shows no remorse for his primitiveactionsby stating,“that was a decision taken by Mr. Corbyn, JoSwinson, the Scottish Nationals, they decided to vote against our plan.”Furthermore adding, “prevarication and procrastination”haveundermined trust in politics.However, for Johnson, this has been his third time since taking office, ashe could not secure the 2/3 majority required to call for an election.On the 6thof November, Boris made a speech regarding a new Brexit deal that would “take back control of our money,”“take control of our borders,”and implement an “Australianstyle points-basedimmigration.”He furthermore promised’50,000’more nurses and the creation of 50 million more NHS appointments. Despite Johnson’s claims looking rigid in principle, they are utterly unrealistic,looking at the current state of our madhouse.Any hope of repairing the continuous damage faced by Britain is goneuntil the EU knocks some sense into our current leaders. In another interviewwith the ‘Sunday Times,’Johnson made is clear that ‘voterscan be 100% certain that a Conservative Government will unblock parliament and deliver Brexit.”Our minister’s absurdly cynicalbehaviorin times of despair must be noticed if wewant to seeaforeseeablefuturefor our beloved kingdom.While tensions rise amidst Britain and our fellow neighbors, we can’t afford to let our house be run by sensational maniacs any longer.However, all hope isn’t lost. Now, Johnson frantically scurriesto call for another election on December 12 with hopes ofgetting Brexitverseover with using a‘new’approach. Johnson tweeted,” We will not allow this paralysis to continue, and one way or another,we must proceed straight to an election.” He is going to follow a plan which would likely allow for a smooth change of the laws, first laid out by the pro-Remain Liberal Democrats Party. Johnson further added, “This House cannot any longer keep this country hostage.”All in all, Johnson’s interim goal is still far beyond the realm of possibilities. With theabsurdlevel of unprofessionalism found in the UK parliament requiring speaker John Bercow’s disciplinary actionsagainstimmatureattention-seekers, the interim goal is adistant reality. Even if Johnson manages to pass his bills and laws through parliamentswiftly by December, the trade deal and negotiations process willneed to happen.Not only are Johnson’s claims misleadingbut alsonot feasible. Sorting out Europe and U.K relations would take approximately fouryears,according to researchers at the Institute for Government, and until then, the worsening effectsof Brexit will continue to bear along,shaking Britain. The Irish continue to suffer asour sensationalistleaders attempt to sort Britain out while families are beingtornapart, the NHS is cripplingaway with risingcosts and decreasing EU personnel, the British economy continuingto dwindle with more businesses closing doorsand the pound falling by the year. Nevertheless, we are yet to await the next fearful chapterof this political dramaridden with annoyances, complications,and real-life consequences all tooserious to laugh off.