Romeo and Juliet is a play created by William Shakespeare an English

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Romeo and Juliet is a play created by William Shakespeare, an English playwright or poet. It was first written in 1594 – 1596 and was published unauthorized in 1597. Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s most famous play and is most likely the most famous play ever written. The play is two star crossed lovers who fall in love, get married in secret while their families are sworn, enemies. On stage Romeo and Juliet has always been one of the most popular of Shakespeare’s plays. Give reasons which account for this.Romeo and Juliet love story is a big favorite because people can relate to the story and idea of a love story that is meant to be. The story is appealing due to all of the strong human emotions, such as violence, unreasoning hate, and love. There is a lot of entertainment that goes on throughout the whole movie with different fighting scenes in streets and other places. People love to watch and talk about the really memeroble scenes. The ending of Romeo and Juliet is talked about a lot because it is s memorable and famous.The feud between the families.The Montague and Capulet family have sworn to be enemies because of a feud with each other which has no point what so ever but it continues as both sides are being stubborn and resentful. Tybalt in the story become very angry and hateful when he sees Romeo at the Capulet ball because he believes Romeo should not be allowed in as Tybalt feels he needs to hold this honor. What I find quite confusing in this play is why Tybalt tells Juliet’s father that Romeo is at the Capulet ball but he is willing to allow him to stay as the disguised Romeo at his feast because he was not causing any trouble.Are Romeo and Juliet victims of an unkind fate or are there other reasons for their destruction?when William Shakspere was writing the play decied that the story would be about star crossed lovers. Star crossed means that their love story is going to end in tragedy because it is just their fate. We know this information as the prologue introduces Romeo and Juliet as “star crossed lovers.Romeo and juliets unkind fate – Juliet is very upset that is being forced into an arranged marriage that Friar gives Juliet a potion so that she looks like she has died but really she is just in a deep sleep for 3 days. Romeo being Juliet’s ‘true love’ friar makes sure to send a message to him so he doesn’t freak out and believe she is dead. He writes in the letter that she has taken a potion to make her appear dead but she will awaken in 3 days. This plan failed very badly as friar didn’t realize that Romeo’s servant Balthazar would secretly be at Juliet’s funeral and be there to see that she was dead. Of course Balthazar being Romeos best friend the first reaction was to go tell him is true love is dead. Romeo being very hurt he goes to buy Poison and see Juliet to tell her how much he loves her, he then drinks the poison and dies. Not very long after Romeo has taken the poison Juliet awakens after the 3 days to find that Romeo was dead right next to her. With that whole brief story it makes it seem Romeo and Juliet have some kind of unkind fate. If they didn’t many things would be different like, they could’ve both been alive if the message was delivered earlier and if Juliet had awoken a few minutes earlier then she could’ve stopped Romeo. The impetuous nature of the characters.Romeo and Juliet are both young, impetuous or very eager to move along with their relationship, such as getting married. As soon as Romeo and Juliet meet each other they very quickly fell in love and decided they want to marry each other even though all of the difficulties feud between both families. Tybalt sees Romeo at the ball and him being filled with anger says that he wants to fight Romeo against the prince’s decree that the penalty is death if you fight in the streets. Romeo says no and doesn’t want to fight so in his place Mercutio fights for him. Sadly Mercutio is killed by Tybalt so Romeo fights Tybalt as he had just killed his friend. This event caused a lot of stress for the young couple as now Romeo has to flee from Verona otherwise he faces the death penalty. This also causes the arranged marriage with Paris and Juliet. The failure of the adult characters in relation to R and J.The adult characters fail Romeo and Juliet at critical times. Firstly Juliet’s father is very stern with Juliet marrying Paris. He says the consequences for not following his wishes he will disown her for her disobedience. This means Juliet will be forced onto the streets and constantly publicly shamed. The friar secretly marries Romeo and Juliet so that the feud would end but he is too late to the tomb. the nurse (also involved in the almost marriage) abandons Juliet and tells her that it would be best to forget Romeo and to go along with her father’s orders, marry Paris instead. Compare and contrast the two most popular film interpretations of Romeo and Juliet. There are many similarities but also many differences between Zeferellis version and Luhranns through language, clothing, weaponry, and the impressions different people had from different parts of Shakespeare’s original story. The original Romeo and Juliet were set around the time when the play was written and was not written to become one of the greatest plays of all time, Instead the goal was more toward making a popular play that could make some money and make you feel a lot of emotion. The Luhrman version was very different because he made the movie modern and fast-paced. 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