Simply put after my first hospital stay as a patient I decided

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Simply put after my first hospital stay as a patient, I decided to become a nurse. Of course, I had been to the hospital as a visitor with a number of family members but only decided to become a nurse when I had my very own hospital stay. I remember waking up in recovery with the idea that I wanted to become a nurse. During my first hospital stay as a patient, I was impressed at the nurses ‘ level of care throughout my experience, from admission to post-op recovery and the care on the ward, as I recovered and I felt an overwhelming inspiration to change careers and become a nurse. I felt that taking my first-hand experience and applying it to patient care would give me a good understanding of what my patients would be experiencing. I also wanted to do something interesting and meaningful that would make a difference in people’s everyday lives. My decision to become a nurse was also informed by my desire to learn new things. As a nurse, I will have to keep challenging myself to keep abreast of current training, ensuring that I continue to care for my patients in the best possible manner. In my everyday practice, I learn something new from both my patients and fellow colleagues. This continued learning inspires me to continue exploring deeper knowledge of the procedures and techniques I apply on a daily basis. I thus consider nursing a rich field for personal learning and development.What is your personal interest in your nominated speciality stream?There are many facets of patient care in the nursing profession, and I love the versatility of the routine that each shift brings. My personal interest in this speciality has a lot to do with watching a close family member go through cardiac care at FPH and watching the amazing cardiac nurses care for my family member was amazing. What are your future nursing career goals and how will this opportunity supportthem? My ambition after graduating from Flinders University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is to continue my studies straight away. I am aiming to specialise in either cardiac care or theatre and with this opportunity for placement with Flinders Private Hospital, enabling me to experience both cardiac care and cardiac operating theatre and enable me to make a decision in my future studies.My goal is to apply for a postgraduate program in cardiac care nursing, a postgraduate degree in anaesthetics and recovery and then apply for a postgraduate degree in nurse anaesthetics specialising in cardiac cases. I believe that participating in this program would develop my nursing skills, provide me the practical experience to enhance my skills, advanced my level of practice and lay the foundation for my future career in this field. My main goal is to commit myself to lifelong learning as a nurse with continuing education throughout my career. I strongly believe that education doesn’t end at graduation, rather it continues for as long as you are in the nursing profession.