This reflective essay will focus on a health promotion which enabling people

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This reflective essay will focus on a health promotion which enabling people to increase control over their own health (WHO 2016). I will use Gibbs (1988) model to aid the reflection process and the ecological model to guide health promotion activity and TB prevention programme.DescriptionDuring my placement with district care, I had the opportunity in running TB awareness stall in a community forum with other 2 staff nurses. Our aim was to raise awareness about Tuberculosis; the differentiation between active TB and latent TB, consequences of not getting test, ways that the TB germ can spread and the importance of preventing its spread which will eventually help to lower tuberculosis around the globe. I had to observe staff nurses building trust with individual patients and handing out some leaflets to them. Staff nurses were keen to use non-verbal methods however some individuals were not willing to take part and chat to us. FeelingAt the time, prior we arrive at the community forum, I felt motivated about this health promotion as it could be an innovative experience for me as a student nurse and there will be remarkable learning from it. I was quite positive this health promotion will run smoothly and we will educate as many individuals as possible however we only got a few individuals participating compared to the number of individuals in the community forum. Given that the other 2 staff nurses had set up health promotion before they were happy with the number of individuals who participated as it was usual to them because in some events, they do not get any participation. Looking back on this health promotion activity, after I had a conversation with the staff nurse, I feel satisfied with the number of individuals who participated.EvaluationThis activity had both; positive and negative aspects. For me the most significant aspect was the staff nurses were seemed to be working collaboratively. They were taking turns when talking to individuals about Tuberculosis however one of the staff nurses had to reschedule her duties to another day. This contributed positively as it motivated the team to work harder for the next health promotion by organizing duties. The negative aspect was our assumption about getting many individuals. Analysis I think the reason that our assumptions about getting many individuals willing to participate didn’t go well because each individual is different; some people feel they are forced to do it when they are promoted to take part in a health promotion activity.The use of good communication and rapport building skills built trust between individuals and staff nurses in faciltiating discussion.Conclusion I learned that when individuals sometimes show disinterest in in taking part in voluntary activities, it can be due to mood swings at certain times of the days which loses their interests in health promotion activity. So, health care provider needs to understand their refusal and stop encouraging them. Moreover, I will continue to improve my confidence and communication skills to be able to involve myself in all activities.Action plan When I am working with a group in a health promotion next time, we will organize it with the community forum housekeepers to check which days of the week are more suitable to schedule in term of attendants. This will help us to guarantee the success rate of the activity which means there will be more individuals. Also, we would do a questionnaire on suitable times to check when individuals are less moody.