Today was the day I woke up and ran down stairs I

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Today was the day, I woke up and ran down stairs, I could feel the excitement building in the air, ready to burst out like a cork from a bottle of champagne. When everyone was ready to go, we got into the taxi and dashed to the airport, the trip was quicker than expected as I was visualizing what our villa would look like, would it be modern? would it be old? I didn’t know. Once we got out of the taxi and went into the airport the holiday feeling started to overwhelm me as we were crawling through security. As always, I forgot to take my belt off which ended up in me needing to get searched. After we got out of security it was only a matter of time before we had to get on the plane, but even then, it felt like time was crawling. When we got on the plane time began to fly, we got to Lanzarote in no time. Once we landed the seatbelt sign turned off and everybody got up off their seats, this is always my favourite part of the trip as I get to walk outside and feel the fresh hot air. Once we arrived at the villa I got out of the taxi and there it was, just how I pictured it, it had luxurious white watered walls so bright I thought I was gazing into the sun, a smooth marble floor and the biggest pool I have ever seen. I flew into the villa, anticipating the room I was going to steal first, I ran into a room with a giant double bed and called it as my own, of course this wasn’t happening, my parents came in and told me to bog off which was fair enough, I knew I was pushing my luck.Once we settled in, we decided to have a gander through town, on our walk down we got an idea of what Lanzarote looked like, it was desert as far as I could see, I found it breath-taking as I hadn’t been surrounded in the desert before. We arrived at the town and I could see the beach, we walked over to it and the water was crystal clear, it looked like something out of a painting, only nicer. The beach was so elegant, we decided to saunter along the shorefront only to find a colourful restaurant called Trattoria il Commendatore, so of course we decided to go for a meal. It was astounding, not only the food but the restaurant itself, it had a giant see-through floor that let you gaze into the ocean, I saw a various type of fish I had never seen before, I never saw anything like it. After needing to re-mortgage the house because of the giant bill we decided to go home as it was getting late. On the way back my mum and sister decided to go to the shops for food in the morning so me and my dad decided to keep walking back. once we arrived at the villa because we are so short-sighted, we ended up leaving the keys with my mum, of course I decided to climb the wall and try the back door, it was really dark as none of the lights were on inside but I made It, I jumped off the wall and tried the back door, but it didn’t budge, which was obviously going to happen I didn’t know what I was thinking. I climbed back onto the wall and began to make my way back when suddenly, my foot slipped, and I fell. At this point my heart dropped and I smashed my nose into the corner of the filtration unit of the swimming pool. All I could see was whiteness and a high-pitched ringing in my ears, it felt like a flashbang went off right in front of me, I tried to get to my feet, but it felt like I weighed a ton. I pulled myself up and I began to rush to the front door, my mum and sister thankfully just got back in time to get me inside. My parents made me lay down as I was terrified of what I had done, I saw the look in my parents’ eyes, they had no clue what to do. I went to bed, I couldn’t imagine what my nose looked like, if it made my parents scared, I have no clue how I will react.In the morning I woke up feeling great, ready to start my day, until I remembered what I had done. I climbed out of bed and panicked, there was a trail of blood leaving my bedroom, I was completely clueless that I was bleeding that much, but to make it even more horrifying there was also ants all over the floor from where my blood lay. It looked like something out of a horror movie. The trail of blood was all over the villa and when I glared outside, I saw the pile of blood from where I fell, there was blood all over the cactuses and everywhere I touched. I ran into the villa and stared in the mirror, my nose was going in all types of directions. Although It was a traumatic experience, I still enjoyed the rest of my holiday. When I got home, we quickly made our way to A & E to see what they could do, at first the doctor didn’t know what to say, he did a closer inspection and said that I completely shattered the bones in my nose and that it was the worst broken nose he has ever seen, which didn’t help my nerves. He went onto to say that I needed complete reconstruction done to my nose and that luckily there was a good plastic surgeon that could reconstruct it, meaning I needed to have surgery which made my heart feel like a runaway train, going faster and faster. Now it was the waiting game, every day that went by made me one step closer to the surgery and I couldn’t take the nerves.On the day of the surgery I really started to get nervous I didn’t know what to anticipate or what would happen to me. I was given a bed to lie on and was told to wait, apprehension was killing me. The nurse came in and told me it was time to go, so they wheeled me through the hospital in the bed and brought me to a room where I was going to get put to sleep. They told me to breath in and out of this mask, I didn’t know what it did, so I went for it. After a slow 5 minutes I began to get really tired, I was trying to fight the urge of going to sleep but I couldn’t, in no time I was out like a light. I woke up and the whole room was spinning, I felt sick and to make things worse it felt like I was getting hit over the head repeatedly with a hammer, I went to stand up and I could barely walk it felt like my legs were made of jelly. It was bizarre experience for me as I never experienced anything like it and hopefully won’t ever again.