Which one of the following division of the nervous system includes the

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Which one of the following division of the nervous system includes the brain?The fluid portion of the blood is known as——-How many thoracic vertebrae are there in the human body?Islets of Langerhans is situated in———–The process of taking food into the digestive system is known as————Which cranial nerve is responsible for eye movement?Which one of the following joint is totally immovable?The eccrine glands secretes———What is the life span of Red blood Cell?What is the functional units of kidneys?Which of the following disease caused by Thiamine deficiency?Which one of the following is rich source of iron?1 gram of Fat gives——–k calsWhat is gluconeogenesis?How many ATP’s are produced from one round of kreb cycle?Which one of the following immunoglobulin crosses the placenta?The highest level of human need as per Maslow’s hierarchy theory is——-The physician ordered,Tab.Paracetamol 500mg,OD.What does OD means?Which one of the following ethical principles refers not to harm?The respiration regulating center is———-Which is the single most important procedure that prevents cross contamination and infection?Voluntary rejection of unacceptable thoughts from conscious awareness is known as———Who proposed the concept of introvert and extravert personality?The scientific study of the mind and behavior is known as——–Who is regarded as Father of microbiology ?Which one of the following is best method of destroying hospital waste?Study of fungi is known as———One man marries two or more woman’s is known as—–The meaning of’Socious’ is——————Neuroleptics are used to treat——-Lithium carbonate is used to treat———-Which one the following is activating immune system in human body ?Diabetic foot is caused by———–Patau’s syndrome is characterized by——-How many chromosomes are present in human cell?Which one of the following is a typical sign of Systemic lupus erythematosus?Which one of the following disorder affects the respiratory and digestive system?Which one of the following is a cardinal symptom of Hypothyroidism? Rovsing’s sign is positive in———Which one of the following is an imaging technique?Permanent localized dilatation of an artery is known as———–Which type of asthma occurs in late adult life?Which one of the following is a expected finding while assessing the patient with glaucoma?Commonly used formula for total body surface area in burns is—-Surgical repair of hernia is known as——-Shick test is done to diagnose the———Hydrophobia is a cardinal feature of——-diseaseWhich of the following immunization produces a permanent scar to the baby?Which one of the following is permanent male sterilization?Which one of the following is a back bone of Public health Nurse?The meeting point of between coronal and sagital suture is known as————-At what age head control is possible in an infant?What is the commonest organism for Urinary tract infection?What is the maximum APGAR score is——-Psychosocial development theory for Toddler—-A drug Benzodiazepines are used to treat ———-Which one of the following is an example of Intellectual disability?Which one of the following is the main neurological birth syndrome caused by anoxia?A person with mood swing from one extreme to amother extreme is known as——-Sleep walking is also known as———–When the presenting part is at the level of the ischial spine is ————-Which one of the following stage of labour ”crowning ” occurs ?The name of the instrument used to listen the Fetal heart beat is——–The hormone responsible for a positive pregnancy test is——The periods between the immedietly after the delivery to 6 weeks is known as———-Which one of the following is leaset bothering of generalizing its findings?Which one of the following is not a type of reliability?Which scale is the simplest form of measurement?The group does not receive the experimental treatment is known as————-Open ended questions provides———Items are classified on the basis of rate is known as———–method of inventory controlWhich one of the following power is used when employee received an incentive for extra effort on a project?Who stated ”Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself”?Educational assessment at the end of the course is known as——Which on of the following quality council of India sponsored accreditation system for Educational institution?B-cell lymphocytes mature in which of the following organ?Which one of the following artery supplies the Liver?How many lobes are there in the right Lung?Fluid around the brain and spinal cord is known as———Which one of the following blood group is the universal donor ?Which one of the following is not performed by muscles?Which one of the following is main function of Spleen?What are the three color sensitive cones in the human eye ?The beginning of reproductive age is known as———Which valve prevents the backflow of blood from left ventricle to left atrium?Poorman’s meat is————Which of the following mineral deficiency leads to Goiter?Ascorbic acid is also know as——–Which one of the following is not a Monosaccharide?The coding unit of DNA is known asWhat is the end product of Fat?Who proposed the ”Health care system model” ?Which is the preferable site for measuring Blood pressure?Which is the correct sequence of assessment of abdomen?The temperature regulating center is——Which stage Pressure ulcer is extend to subcutaneous tissue?According to Freud the personality element at the time of birth is ———–Which one of the following is not a Adaptive defense mechanism?Which one of the following is a correct sequence of psychososcial development?Destruction of all microorganism including spores is known as———Separation of infected person from non infected person is known as———-Which one of the following is the Live attenuated vaccine?Which one of the following is termed as Specific guidelines for behaviour ?The system of relations between individual is known asHypnotics drugs are used to treat—–Phentoin is used to treat t——-Which one the following is the causative organism of Dengue hemorrhagic fever ?Which one the following test is causes of anuria?The individuals somatic cell contains three sex chromosomes XXX is known as——–Cystic fibrosis is an example of——–Life threatening condition due to inability of the heart to pump sufficient amount of blood to meet the body needs is known as——–Diagnostic procedure to remove the excessive fluid from the abdominal cavity is known as——Abnormally low amount of circulating platelets in a bloodstream is known as——-Hansen’s disease also called as———A break in the continuity of bone is known as——-Battle’s sign is a cardinal charecteristics of ———Metastasis to other organs occurs in which stage of cancer?Drooping of upper eyelid is known as———–Diabetic ketoacidosis is a common complication of——-Posterior curvature of the thoracic spine is known as———–Reproductive and Child Health Program me was initiated in the year———–Dr.Salk discovered a vaccine for prevention of——-disease.DOTS is a treatment option for————disseaseWorld Health Organization’s headquarter is at——–ASHA Stands for————-Massiveprotenuria,Hypoalbuminemia,Hyperlipidemia and edema are the classical features of———Whivh one of the following laboratory test is used to detect Respiratory distress syndrome is——–During tet spells ,child feels comfortable in——‘Rule of ten” is used for———–Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative was initiated in the year——-A drug of choice for Obsessive Compulsive disorder is ———-Claustrophobia is fear of ———-Which one of the following is not a symptom of depression?ECT Stands for———–Elation of mood is a cardinal sign of —–Hyperextension of the fetal head is found in——-Which one of the following cardinal moments occurs immediately before the expulsion of the fetus?The following skin changes are occurs in pregnancy except——-Amniotic fluid is greenish tint,it indicates———What is the maximum Bishops score is——-Randomization is used to eliminate the—–Qualitative research that describes the culture of group of people is known as————–Which one of the following scale of measurement has an absolute zero?A sample is a subset of ———————-Which one of the following is the formula for Range calculation?Which one of the following is not a type of conflict?Which one of the following is refers to Accreditation ?Scalar chain of command, spirit de-corps is——-Principles of AdministrationEducational assessment throughout a course is known as——The process of procuring,employing,recriutment and retaining the nursing personal are known as———–