Explain the importance of a holistic approach

Table of Contents

1.1 Explain the importance of a holistic approach to managing pain and discomfort

The essence of a holistic approach is to consider the individual in its entirety, and to try to help it takes into consideration not only the physical characteristics of the individual if he/she is ill but also the state of his / her environment, the social characteristics of the community in which he/she lives. Characteristics of an individual’s life history up to a religious view of life-all this is important -because pain and discomfort can not only be a disease or physical pain but it can also develop and come from other things psychological feelings from our community or how we feel in our workplace, how we feel in our social relationships ourselves in the wider community where we live or even the individual feeling regarding to religion. With a holistic approach, we can find the source of the pain but they are often not from the body but from the physical pain.If we find the real cause of the pain and discomfort then we can eliminate that because it is well known that the soul and the body, the mental health the emotions have a bodily effect on people’s condition can cause pain and deterioration on the client’s wellbeing.

1.2 Describe different approaches to alleviate pain and minimize discomfort

First of all ask the client about the type of pain to describe it in their own words, or give a number for example between 0-10 to show how strong pain they have got, If they know the method of relief of pain then follow their instruction to help them.Furthermore :- to change the body position,-to lose their clothes,-to give a painkiller or other medication what was described by GP,-to make a more comfortable environment as use pillows between the legs or support the body balance-to use therapies as; physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture etc,-to take their attention away from the pain as read a book, watch a movie, chatting

1.3 Outline agreed ways of working that relate to managing pain and discomfort

It the most important to follow my company policies and the Care Plan as well, It has needed an agreement with the client and also with other health professionals as; nurses, GP, therapists2.1 Describe how pain and discomfort may affect an individual’s wellbeing and communication

If someone is in pain or in a very uncomfortable situation then it affects the way you think about how you decide in certain situations. In case of very severe pain, someone may be completely indecisive and need help to make decisions in their situation. There are disease states of mind where the caregiver should be aware of the patient’s condition and inform family members and the manager that if the patient is unable to make decisions in his / her best interest, then intervention for the person being cared for is needed

Pain and discomfort can cause confusion errors in speech, speech disorders or total inability to speak. The individual may be doing or saying things that he or she would not otherwise do in his or her normal state or making requests to the caregiver that he or she would not otherwise do, such as repeatedly requesting painkillers or other medications that could lead to overdose these drugs can be either sedatives, hypnotics or other psychological or physical stimulants