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This article “Who Has No Children in Macbeth” has an interrogative title. The title of the article shows the controversy which has been describe in this article. This article “Who has no Children” was written by “TOM CLAYTON”. There are many good points in this article and writer used simple language to explain his point of view. He also used references from the text to elaborate his point. His research method was so good and there are no misinterpretations of data.In this novel Macbeth represented as a Villain-Hero more than a protagonist. He was fatally ambitious but once felt enough of the milk of human kindness. In the triologoe, when Ross told to Macduff that Macbeth has killed his wife and children then Macduff says that,“he has no children”. The half line is declarative, metrical, and limpid and without depth or guile on anyone’s part until one asks who “he” is referring. In triologue, Malcolm is mostly silent but three times speak briefly to Macduff as prompted by verbal reaction to Ross’s answer. Macduff does not respond to Malcolm’s answer. This lines has three interpretations:Malcolm would not offer such a simplistic cure if he had his own children.Revenge on Macbeth’s children is impossible because he has no children.If Macbeth had children, he would not have slaughtered others. There is a famous proverb regarding this “that he that has no children knows not what love is Macduff is stating that he cannot be fully revenged upon Macbeth, since Macbeth does not have any children. Malcolm tells Macduff to avenge his slaughtered family by defeating Macbeth. Macduff responds that the revenge will not be equal. Because Macbeth does not have children, he will never be able to feel the pain that Macduff is suffering. He still decides to join the fight against Macbeth, but he recognizes that killing Macbeth will not give him peace. He cannot pay Macbeth back equally, and he cannot bring his family back from the dead. Even if they are successful in their efforts to dethrone Macbeth, the scales will never be balanced.The ambiguous question of parental status is forced tantalizgly upon any interpreter’s attention. Critical or theatrical at several points. The evidence that they are childless comes, in part from the fact that no child is featured or mentioned in the play. Further evidence come from Macduff’s statement from Act 4 Scene 3 “He has no children.” However, there is also a textual evidence that Lady Macbeth, at least has given birth to a child. If she had never given birth she could not say, in Act 1 Scene 5, I have given suck, and know how tender ‘tis to love the babe that milks me. It is biologically impossible as makes no odds, for a women who has never given birth to nurse a child. It is possible that the child has since died, but clearly Lady Macbeth cannot be said to be Barren.In this article, writer briefly explains the answer of the question (which is also the title of the article) “Who has no children in Macbeth”. The writer explains all the possible aspects which can be possible regarding answer of the title question. This article is quite important to understand the parental status of the Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. This article is so, informative as it explains that Lady Macbeth had a children as she married already but Macbeth had not children that Macbeth is alone to face his future, his death and his damnation. Finally, Macbeth’s barrenness is significant as an unspecified. It also explains the culture of that society and physical and mental condition of Macbeth. This article shows the importance of family for someone. This also shows that the one who has no children, knows not what the love is. This article is quite clear about the title and used important information in it. This article clears the controversy about the parental status of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.