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What is my perception of the video?From my point of view, I see two parties who have desperate needs for their survival. One is the patient needing for an organ, and the other person needing money. Both parties can find a set up where both of them will get what they want. But then again, with the lack of regulating policies on organ buying, this transaction is considered illegal and dangerous. From what I know, no surgeon will be willing to take out and organ of a perfectly healthy person so therefore I have to question the means of people selling an organ. I fear that whatever procedures they do to themselves will be detrimental to their health. On the other hand, the same is still true, being that receiving an organ from a stranger can possibly be perilous for them. What is your stand regarding organ trades?As a student nurse, I can see the possible medical complications both parties may encounter. Therefore, for me, organ selling should be discouraged. However, I believe that if both medical practitioners and the national government can somehow make the transactions more safe and provide both parties what they need, then the dangers and mortality rates can be diminished.How does it violate ethical principles especially totality?According to our discussions in bioethics, the principle of totality dictates that, in this case, a healthy person is purposefully removing a healthy organ, would be unethical. The principle basically tells us that we have no business removing something in us that is not causing harm to ourselves. However, one example of a violation in the guidelines for a licit organ transplantation is “There is a serious need on the part of the recipient that cannot be fulfilled in any other way.”. This is violated because most patients are already subjected to dialysis which is a safe way of ensuring the survival of patients with renal failure. If dialysis is effective and the patient is responding well to it, then there will be no need for a desperate attempt to buy a kidney on the black market.As a Filipino, how do you think you can participate in reducing the number of people involved in this scenario? How can we protect our countrymen?A simple way is through responsible use of social media. We know that social is a powerful tool for the dissemination of information. However, we need to make sure that the information is accurate and correct. We can share in our social media the dangers of these practices and discuss the possible medical and legal repercussions of involving oneself with organ selling and buying. This is also one function of the many of the nurse, to provide health education to our patients and in this case, patients who are in need of an organ. We must provide assurance and hope that the current system for the regulated organ transplantation is reliable.