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Leadership PlanNURS 9420-01 Nursing LeadershipProfessor: – Jeff BiletchiNiagara College Submitted by Gurleen KaurStudent ID – 4319457Date of Birth – 18th October 1994 18th April 2019 Nursing background including education and careerTo work as a nurse was my dream and my decision towards for my future that this is how I want to lead my life when I grow up. So I start making choices towards it in my early childhood. I choose to study medical in my High School at New Punjab Public School, Hambran (Punjab, India) and at the same time, I decided to participate as a volunteer in every free medical camp held in my home town. So working as a volunteer alongside professionals.I gained a lot of valuable experience which helped me build a base for my future and I felt more and more confident about my decision. Soon as my school was done I went to do bachelors in nursing with no hesitation or second thoughts in my mind. I did my bachelors of science in nursing at G H G College of Nursing Raikot (Punjab, India) from 2012 to 2016. I always did a great in the study as it was always fun for me, I never took it as a burden. Professors were always there to help me to build more trust in my future profession. I did my internship at Apollo Hospital, Ludhiana. I did Psychiatric training at Mental Hospital Amritsar, Punjab, India. Strengths and Weaknesses In all these years of the wonderful experience of my profession I learned about my strengths and came across my weaknesses as well.My strengths are: – EnthusiasmTrustworthinessCreativityDisciplinePatienceRespectfulnessDeterminationDedicationHonestyVersatilityMy weaknesses: – Being too critical of yourselfAttempting to please everyoneEasily trust on others and think emotionally Face the fear of getting stuck in some situationsDesired leadership style according to my strengths: -According to my strengths, I like to lead in a way of democratic leadership. I always like to work as a team and share my knowledge with others and take the responsibilities of others. For me working in a team is always a new leaning from different people. I always have mutual respect for people. Like to lead in all group activities and encourage everyone. For me working in a group of people is always unique as it always exchanges ideas and gives me the ability to solve some of the complex issues easily.Utilizes Leadership concept and principles: -Build vision – It is an important principle of leadership. So with proper utilization of this principle, I can achieve goals with my team members. Promote Performance – Being a leader it is my responsibility to create a good environment for me and my team so that we can easily achieve our goals and a better outcome. Ensure Results – With this principle, we can orient regarding activities and problems. It is also a useful principle to reduce conflict between team members.Being a role model – In order to lead this is a must for me or anyone wishes to lead. I feel I must follow all rules and be responsible for all the difficult situations if I wish for my team to follow me.Principles of democratic leadership are:- 1.make good communication skills2. Democratic leaders emphasize collaboration and the free flow of ideas.3. Responsibility is shared among all members of staff with the leader present to offer guidance Keep discussions balanced and controlled.4. Promotion of free flow of ideas.5 Trust and respect6. An emphasis on morality and values.7.Competence 8.An honest and open mindList of leadership opportunities and activities: – Sports Team leader Project Business organization Social groupsPoliticsCoachingVolunteer workSociety Nursing homesLong term careRetirement homesActivities:-As a leader, I will take part in all activities.I will do the following activities1. I will always motivate my team members to make good plans so that they can achieve their goals.2. Try to minimize conflicts.3. Maintain respect and personal dignity.4. I will always resolve their issues. Short term smart goals in the Action plan: – Smart stands for:-S –specific 1.i will try to use my leadership skills to attain our goals .and they should be a focus on the present.M- Measurable 2. To measure my goals we will discuss them in questions like open-ended 4. Attainable: -by new skills and teamwork5. Relevant:-my goals will be related to our topic so that we can easily achieve them.6. Time: – I will try to set the time limit with my team members.After completing my course I have to get my legal work permit.To get my G2 license, I already start working on it. Already getting my driving lessons. After getting my license successfully I am planning to buy my first car in Canada. Planning to go to India to visit my parents and get a good long vacation.Long term smart goal in the Action plan: – I am planning to pass RN test and get my Nursing license in Canada. Submitted all the documents necessary for my eligibility and I am just waiting to hear back.Get my immigration done to become Permanent Residence of Canada. Have plans to move to Saskatchewan before the end of this year. Want to buy a house in Canada and convince my parents to come here and live with me. How to overcome my weaknesses: – Make a list of weaknesses.Give more focus to the qualities. Always face the weak quality with full confidence.Always share the problem with people who have the same nature behavior.Always think about the present and future.Always learn from past experience. Build good confidence and encourage me.Evaluation of my leadership plan:- I think I have good skills and capabilities to evaluate my leadership plan. I am going to use the following methods.To make myself more accountable: – it means if I am more accountable for my actions then everybody can trust me and follow me. So this is very imp for a leader.Team satisfactionQuestionnaireLeadership indexBy asking questions to patients and families.By votes.References: – 1 Hassan Sarmad (Feb 13, 2017) Top 10 leadership qualities that make good leaders retrieved from Kuligowski Kiely (17, 2019) 6 leadership weakness and how to fix them Retrieved from