Everybody has a different outlook on life Some people take life for

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Everybody has a different outlook on life. Some people take life for advantage; just because they did something and thought about the negative outlook of it but it did not happen. Others take life piece-by-piece; they have had a traumatizing experience and do not want to ever encounter that experience ever again. You have two different types of people. You have risk takers, those are the people that grab life by the horns, You Only Live Once! Then on the other hand, you have people that never do anything risky, they stick to the basics of life. Annie and Marita are those people who do not take risks. Annie was one of those people who took life for advantage. Annie John is now seventeen and is going to head to England to study nursing. She wakes on the morning that she will leave knowing that later in the day she shall take a boat to Barbados and then to England. Annie looks over everything in her house thinking about her life and about how either her mother or father made everything that is in it. In one way this familiarity makes Annie feel nostalgic, but in another way it makes her realize that she has to go elsewhere to develop her own self.Annie lived on an island with her mother and father. Annie had a good life from the readers point of view. She made it seem like she just was getting little to no attention. She calls her mother a hypocrite because, her mother told her that she loves her and does not want to be apart from her but her mother is making plans for her to leave and go to England. Annie’s mother wanted the best for her and nothing but the best.Annie started to get cold feet when it was time for her to board on the boat. Annie later walks through town with her parents as they make their way to the ship that will take her away. Her mind swirls with memories as she passes the institutions of her youth: her school, her church, and the seamstress where she apprenticed. Annie remembers the first time her mother sent her on an errand, to get dried herbs from the store, and how her mother wept with pleasure when Annie returned successfully. Annie’s mind contains a slideshow of memories from her island, but still she is planning to leave it behind.Her mother got her everything she wanted. Like the time she wanted glasses but the doctor told her that her eyes were fine. So she pretend like the light hurted her eyes around her mother because she seen a heroin with some shades on that she wanted. Her mother got her the shades, so when Annie got done with them she put them in her dresser and never touched them again. Her mother made a way for her to get everything she wanted.Marita and Annie are really similar once you take a closer look at them. They both really never had a social life. Annie was all wrapped up in herself and when she was younger she stayed stuck under her parents. Marita always was at school, she always had homework and no time for playing. Neither had enough time to socialize with other children like that.Both of them make sacrifices for their self in which they mirror each other. In “Marita’s bargain”” marita sacrifices her Free time and recreational activities to achieve the excellence and success she desires. While in A Walk to the Jetty Annie sacrificed her close relationship with her mother to live her own free life. What makes them analogous is how they both make the sacrifice of their family cultures and values in exchange to change their self. There are three reasons why i say that they both make sacrifices. First malcolm says