Healthy EatingExplain what is meant by healthy eating Tassoni 2014 pg 3

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Healthy EatingExplain what is meant by healthy eating Tassoni (2014 pg. 3) Stated that healthy eating is about making food choices that will provide the body with what it needs to keep healthy. (Lorig et el 2014, pg. 174) argues that healthy eating is about making a sensible changes to your diet or food. In my view, healthy eating is getting the right balance diet that contains all the nutrients needed to keep the body healthy. Eating the right amount of food from the five food groups will provide the right nutrients needed to enable the body to grow and healthy, it also provides the body with more energy and make it feel less tired throughout the day. In doing this will increase the chances of preventing poor health related illness such as heart disease, Cancer etc.1.2 Evaluate national and local initiatives which promote healthy eatingNational and local initiatives are programmes set up to help provide families and early year’s provider’s information and ensure that children are provided with healthy foods. Some initiatives are set up by the Health department whiles others are organized by organizations such as School food Trust but can be also funded by the government and local authorities, Tassoni (2014).Nursery Milk Scheme According to the Department of Health (2016) the scheme is managed by the Nursery Milk Reimbursement unit (NMRU) on behalf of the Department of Health. The scheme has been in operation since1940 and provide a free and no cost related 1/3 of a pint which is also (189ml) of milk to children under the age of five years in schools, nurseries child minders and or any registered children setting. They Nursery Milk Scheme encourage early year’s providers to buy milk at the best possible price to meet their requirements under the nursery milk scheme. According to the Nursery Milk Reimbursement Unit, Providers can buy milk at the local shops and then re-clam the cost, in this way it seems to be cheaper in cost than using the milk agent to supply milk. The scheme plays a crucial role in the early development of children. The milk contains calcium, which in turn help children to develop healthy bones and teeth, also the milk contains vitamin D which help reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy immune system, it also helps children to be hydrated. On the other hand smaller business to purchase and then reclaim their money might turn them off, due to the less funding. Also providers that are dealing with milk supplier may find it expensive to deliver milk to providers working in a difficult to access or located in a small or rural areas (House of Commons Hansard) Food for LifeFood for life is a soil association that works in partnership with schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes to help make a healthy tasty and nutritious meal for children and patients, the program also teaches children and people how to cook, where and how the food grows. The programme also help children and people to develop a better relationship with food. The food for life aim to support and motivate people in to a healthier eating habit. It also important to schools and other organisation for making good food the easier choice and ensuring good food for all. However Food for life face some challenges regarding engaging with secondary schools and keeping their commitment of food. Change 4Life According to Christine Haigh of the Children Food Campaign stated that Change 4life was launched by the Labour Government in 2009, with the aim of motiving and supporting people to make and sustain healthier changes that will improve their health. National Health Services (NHS) Change4 Life’s is about stimulating and bringing people, families, businesses, charity schools, local authorities, the national health service and community leader together to participate in educating and improving the nation’s health and wellbeing by encouraging everyone to eat healthy, exercise and live longer However People has to spend more than double the amount they will get back in discount through the voucher scheme. The Department of Health-highlighted according to research by the Children’s Food Campaign, customer need to spend more than £117.05 with Asda, JJB sport and weight Watchers to cash in £50 of swap vouchers that offer discount on healthier food, this in turn put strain on consumers. The research also reveal that in some cases it could be cheaper to buy a non-branded version of the same product that is part of the discount voucher. Because in some causes study has shown that Asda own brand are cheaper than the other product that are within the £50 swapathon voucher books. For example 500g box of Kellogg’s corn flakes are £1.97 at Asda and will be reduce to £1.47 with the swapothon voucher, but a 500g of Asda corn flakes cost £ 98 pence. Asda corn flake is also healthier because it contain low amount of salt, too much of salt content in a food will lead to stroke and heart disease. Manchester Healthy School ProgrammeManchester Healthy Schools programme aim to tackle health inequalities and improve children and young people’s health and wellbeing. It also supports schools to become healthier learning environment and develop healthier outcome for children and young people and their families. The Manchester Healthy School is comprised of five areas, working together to support a whole school approach in relation to health and wellbeing, these areas includes healthy lifestyles, emotional health and wellbeing mental Health and resilience relationship and sex education and Drug and alcohol education. This programme combined with the school nursing service to work together as a team to the healthy child programme. The school service plays a vital role to implement public health intervention support to schools in Manchester. The school health service improves children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing and minimise the issues relating to bullying.