In the process of ensuring that I am at par with the

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In the process of ensuring that I am at par with the provisions of the IOM recommendations, I am in the process of ensuring that I get a degree in the noble field. The degree will not only be aimed at ensuring that I secure a good place in the job ranks, but as well as ensuring that I remain relevant and that am able to remain competitive in the job field. This is also going to play a leading role in ensuring that I get the skills that are going to help me deliver quality services to the various patients that am going to come across. Again, by enrolling for a degree course it is going to be better as I will have the opportunity to get a wider perspective of the nursing profession. I see the entire issue of doubling the number of nurses as a blessing to me and as well as the entire nursing profession. This is from the fact that by so doing, there will be easing of the workload that is at hand, as well as making it possible for me, as well as other nurses, learn more from the new graduate doctorate nurses. Again, there will be an exchange of ideas on how to do various things. Through this double up of nurses, it is going to be made easier for the patients to get the treatment that is of high quality since the skills get refined through the same.Through ensuring that there is lifelong learning, it is going to be possible for the nurses to get a quality education and to learn more. This will contribute so much in seeing that the nursing field in the country gets to experience a rampant growth as well as to ensure that there are not much of quacks in the field. In the long run, patients get to receive quality health care and the field as a whole gets to enjoy the benefits of having expertise with them. By increasing my level of education I get to become an experienced nurse and well blend with a lot of knowledge which is going to see to it that I am competent enough. The competence aspect comes as a result of ensuring that I get the knowledge that I will need for this new another level of education as well as to equip with some experience coupled with what my colleagues already have, it will be easy for me to deliver quality services to all the patients that were going to come across. By increasing the level of education, I get to be better equipped with experience and enable to do much especially about dealing with patients whose condition is wanting. This will go a long way in influencing job promotions, titles and above all, it is going to make me find the job which I consider more of a vocation than profession fulfilling.Reference Innocent K.(2011.january).Knowlege, A power source for nurses . Nursing center Retrieved on April 2013