Late Adulthood The essay will summarize and state interesting information throughout the article

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Late Adulthood The essay will summarize and state interesting information throughout the article and then evaluate the strength and weakness of the chosen article. Subsequently to discussing this, one of the three main development issues from the textbook will be applied to the article. The final point of the essay will address how the information learned could be used throughout life as well as outside out of the classroom. The theme of this essay will be to inform the reader of the types of elder abuse that occur in assisted living facilities in the United States as well as critically analyzing the main points of the article. Bowers interviewed Marguerite DeLiema about a poll to determine if staff members knew someone who mistreated residents, emotionally or physically. DeLiema’s results came to the conclusion that the results of staff members abusing residents was very similar to a larger study conducted by Nicholas Castle and Scott Beach with assisted living facilities (Bowers, 2014). After this was addressed in the article, DeLiema proposed an increase in educational programs about reporting abuse. Developing educational programs surrounding this issue would educate everyone on why reporting abuse would outweigh the negative outcomes. While these are major points in the article, an interesting piece of information that can be collected from this article are the results of the survey of sexually inappropriate behavior viewed among nurse aides. A group of nurse aides and executive directors were surveyed by Castle and Beach on observing sexually inappropriate behavior between a staff member and a resident in the workplace. The researchers discovered a large percentage of nurse aides knowing staff members that abused residents sexually in the survey results (Bowers, 2014). This piece of information was interesting due to the fact that there is no reported history of the executive directors of the incidents the nurse aides are claiming to have happened. Once the results were provided to the executive directors, they were astonished by how many nurse aides have come in contact with a staff member sexually abusing a resident. According to HIPPA, Virginia healthcare workers are mandated reporters and are required by law to report abuse when seen (“Elder Abuse,” n.d.).Furthermore, as a direct provider of care, the nurse aides in the article should have reported the suspected abuse. Although it may seem harmless to some to not report abuse, it can make someone lose their job. While there are very informative pieces in this article, there are also strengths and weaknesses of the article. The main weakness that can be seen from the article is that Bowers does not look at alternate viewpoints of the given issue. This can be seen when Bowers (2014) reports the results of Castle and Beach’s survey, but does provide an additional claim contradicting it. Alternative viewpoints are essential because it gives a different perspective as well as avoiding binary thinking, even if the subject has two very different viewpoints. The strength in this article is the article information is based from facts. Bowers (2014) goes above and beyond to collect insight data about the given poll from Castle and Beach for the article by having a personal interview with DeLiema discussing the details. The article is also supported by displaying a pie chart of the results of the poll given. The factual evidence that is shown also supports the reasoning behind why nature and nurture is the development issue in this article. The main development issue that is addressed in this article is stability and change. Stability and change is described as early traits displayed in childhood may stay throughout life (Santrock, 2016). An example of this theme can be seen in the article when the author talks about DeLiema making a hypothesis that the survey participants paused to respond honestly to the questions even though it was done anonymously (Bowers, 2014). Stability and change would take in account the participants in the survey may have been had a similar experience growing up where stating the truth may have caused a harsh punishment or stress for the individual. This would explain the pause in the answer given to the poll. Information that was learned in the article can be used for someone to determine if a nursing facility is adequate enough for their family. The information that was learned in this article may be used by someone who is looking for an assisted living facility to put their loved one in for the first time. This article would raise concern for families as the results given in the article indicate that abuse is present in facilities and the nurse aides do notify the appropriate authorities when these incidents occur. Nurse aides are the primary caregivers for residents in these facilities as they assist with bathing, feeding, and other daily tasks that a resident may need help with. Therefore, the poll results would be used by others to determine whether or not an assisted living facility is adequate enough to take care of their loved one. The main purpose of this essay was to inform readers about the different types of elder abuse that happens in the United States and analyze the information given. In conclusion, this essay discusses the strength of the evidence provided as well as the weakness of alternate viewpoints in further detail with supporting information. Subsequently, stability and change is considered the development issue of the article and is thoroughly supported with facts from the article. Finally, the last main point of this essay addresses how others can use this information for their everyday life.ReferencesBowers, L. A. (2014, June 13). The shock of elder abuse in assisted living. Retrieved from, J. W. (2016). Adolescence (16th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Higher Education.Elder Abuse. (n.d.). Retrieved from